Are you a Control Freak? Three Tell Tale Signs

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Freeda on Control Freak

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A control freak, according to psychologists, is either intolerant of ambiguity or has unconscious needs for power.

I remember my daughters arguing a few years back. The older daughter was telling her sister (who was 6 years younger) what to do–as big sisters tend to do. Then the younger daughter shouted back, “You’re a control freak.”

She took us both by surprise with that statement, and I wondered if she even knew what that really meant.

In this post, I aim to help you discover three tell-tale signs of a control freak in order to help you find out whether you are one or if someone close to you is too controlling.

If you are in business, you want to be sure you’re not a controlling person because you will likely stress yourself out as you quickly discover that things seldom go exactly as you plan.

As humans, being in control and taking a command of things is part of our nature, and when that control slips from our fingers it can be an extremely frustrating and frightening experience.

On top of wanting to be in control with the constant drive to command areas of our lives, people often have the tendency to want to exert their control further, and by this I mean they want to impose their control and dominate the people around them in everyday life situations.

This does not apply to everybody. In general, it is only a small minority of people who have a higher need to control others, and these people are the ones often referred to as control freaks.

If you think that you may be a controlling person then there may be some real-life situations where this issue stands out. Stress on relationships or arguments with friends, surrounding areas in which a decision has to be made by both parties where a falling out occurs, can often identify you as a control freak.

Are you a control freak?

3 Tell-Tale
Control Freak Symptoms

Control Freak Symptom #1: You have to be in control in daily situations.

Love driving yourself, but hate being a passenger in a car? Get anxious about it when it happens? Then you could be a controlling person. Do you plan out any trips you may take for leisure with a clear structure? Do you always have to stick to this plan? You could be a control freak. Often, controlling people have to be the person to make decisions and be at the forefront of them in everyday life situations.

It is the controlling of everyday situations 24/7 which can often stress relationships and friendships in people who are controlling.

Control Freak Symptom #2: You are a perfectionist.

Controlling people are often perfectionists so that no critic can come forward and rattle them. If a task is carried out perfectly, then who can possibly challenge the person in control? As well as being a perfectionist, as a controlling person you will probably find that you are your own critic. Just did your hair in the morning for your partner to say its perfect? You would probably answer that no it’s not, it looks terrible.

Being a perfectionist is not always a sure fire way of knowing if you are a controlling person (in other words, perfectionists are not necessarily controlling).

Control Freak Symptom #3: Other people have to be perfect.

As a controlling person, you will plan a routine only to get frustrated and annoyed when a third party ruins it if only by a few minutes. A clear example is picking your partner up from the train station. Logic dictates in this situation that you as the person picking up your partner is in control of them; however, if they are late or miss that train, the tables are turned if you have to wait for them.

Here are some questions to ask yourself
to determine if you are a control freak:

1. Do you insist on being right?
2. Do you hate when people switch things up on the schedule at the last minute?
3. Is your relationship balanced or do you expect your partner to do what you say?
4. Do you constantly need to know where your partner is and who they are with?

If you are willing, there are numerous online tests that you can take which can identify whether you are a control freak. Check out this control freak test: Are You Too Controlling?

If you suspect that you may have control freak “tendencies”:

1. Tell someone close to you that you want to change.
2. Get others to help in identifying the triggers.
3. Identify your fears and let go.

People don’t realize that some controlling people are often just fearful of something. It drives their urge to control everything.

Do you know anyone who is a control freak?

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  1. Liz says:

    Hi JC,

    I could easily be a control freak but I’ve learned not to be, it can get in the way of so many positive things and in a lot of ways can slow you down from focusing on what’s really important.

    Nice post with some good food for thought :-)


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