Article Marketing Tips That Work

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Article Marketing
Article marketing is an important part of your online marketing strategy.

It is one of the best ways to get visitors to come to your site. It involves writing and publishing articles with the goals of establishing credibility and improving search engine ranking.

What Is Article Marketing?

Article Marketing is creating and publishing articles on article submission sites. These are sites that allow anyone to publish content, and, in return for the content, they allow you to create a backlink to your site. Backlinks are links on a website that point to another website. The articles are usually required to be 300 to 800 words long and go through moderation before being approved. However, it’s fairly easy to get an article approved.

This strategy can generate traffic because people do visit these sites, and these sites get good search engine rankings.

Well-written articles can establish you as an expert in your field. Plus, article marketing can be done at little to no cost.

Many new internet marketers think all they have to do is write a few articles, submit them to directories, and thousands of dollars will start rolling in. Article marketing is a more long-term, online marketing strategy.

If the article provides the value promised, readers are more likely to want to learn what other information you can give them. This will help you forge relationships with readers.

For success with this strategy, you will need to have clear objectives and:

1. Determine who will be writing the articles. This can be outsourced.
2. Create an effective resource box with a compelling offer or call to action.
3. Know how and where you will distribute the articles once written.
Article Marketing Tips

Here Are Basic Article Marketing Tips

1. Be sure to use keywords effectively. The Google Keyword Tool can be used to do basic keyword research. You want keywords with low competition and high traffic. My coach recommends you look for exact phrase searches of 1,000 to 10,000 times each month with low or medium competition.

2. As you write your informative content of 500 to 700 words, you want to sprinkle your keyword phrase throughout the content, 1 time for every 100 words. For best results, your final keyword density should be between 1 and 3 percent.

3. Make sure you have the keyword phrase in your title. The title is one of the most important features of your article. It is the headline of your article.

4. Always include an offer or call to action in your resource box (also called the signature box, author box, or author bio).

5. Post the original article on your blog and submit the spun article to the article directories, with a link to the original article. These links are called backlinks, and more backlinks increase your chance of appearing in top results in Google. Some article directories are making it more difficult to add links. See the note below about

6. Do not use HTML anywhere in your article.

7. The more white space people see the easier the article will be to read. So, use bullets and numbered lists.

8. Add humor where appropriate. People don’t want to read a boring article.
Article Marketing
I just read an e-book entitled, “How To Build An Article Marketing Empire!” Some of the information was a little dated, but I learned a few article marketing tidbits that I’ll share with you now.

1. Embed the related keywords to your topic (the ones you didn’t choose when you did your keyword research) in your article. You should use them once or twice. This should improve your results.

2. Utilize for article submissions for $2 or less per submission. I haven’t tried this service which is both an article directory search engine and an article submission service.

3. Automate your article submission by using Article Marketing Robot. This tool also helps you rewrite your article so you submit unique versions to the article directories.

4. Have a highly effective and concise resource box. Be sure to include your URL and name and include a reason for readers to click the link to visit your site. You need to make your keywords into hyperlinks.

5. The first 2 to 5 words of your title are crucial. Your keyword should be at the beginning of the title. Try to also include terms that are related to your keyword.

6. Outsource your article-writing. You’ll need to find someone who can write interesting, engaging, and informative articles. You can find writers at sites like or Decide what you are willing to pay and how they should submit the finished article. Ask the writer to submit an article to you so you can review their work and critique it. Clearly communicate the changes you would like them to make to conform to your preferred writing style.

Please note that, perhaps the most popular article directory, has rules about the landing page that your articles are linked to. I’ve had to ensure that my resource boxes adhere to these rules that require that the landing page in both allowable links:

1. Must relate to the topic of the article.
2. Must not have excessive ads.
3. Must be easy to navigate.
4. Must load in a maximum of 10 seconds.
5. Must not have the exact same content.

The above article marketing tips will help you avoid mistakes that new marketers make. These tips should also put you on a fast track to article marketing success.

Do you have any other article marketing tips that work?

Visit again soon for more Article Marketing tips!

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  1. George says:

    Another thing I’ve found about Ezine Articles is that the link in your bio should go to a page that has what they call “adequate” relevant information to the link text or keyword in the link. If not, they’ll reject the article. I think they are difficult to deal with in my article marketing, but they are a high authority site. So, it may be worth it.

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