Attraction Marketing, Is it Dead?

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Attraction Marketing
Attraction marketing is dead, played out and ineffective. Really?

Attraction marketing is a strategy used by network marketers to grow their MLM businesses. Actually, many successful network marketers have used this strategy successfully.

This concept was coined by Mike Dillard, and I first heard of it several years ago. It involves offering information that will help people build their business to get them to opt in to an email list. The marketer’s goal is then to build trust by giving value to their list.

Here is an example of MLM attraction marketing:

Jane is interested in joining an MLM, but she has questions about whether it would be the right business for her. So, she does a Google search for a review of the company. She comes across John’s blog post about the company. Julie reads the post and thinks it is very helpful. She then contacts John because she is ready to sign up.

The over-riding goal of attraction marketing is getting people to come to you, instead of having to seek or chase people. Said another way, it relies on the effectiveness of the bait to reel in followers.

In this industry, the biggest factors that are often associated with making sales are:

– the customer wants the product now.
– the customer wants the product for as little money as possible.
– the customer wants as much information on the product as possible.

Failure to deliver on these three things is a sure sign that you’re bound to fail when it comes to making hard-earned conversions on your website. However, in recent years, it has become quite clear that customers also want to be taught about a product or learn more about what it is you do exactly. This tactic is known as attraction marketing.

Here are few things to look at when
checking out attraction marketing:

YouTube Presence

One of the biggest ways to connect with customers when it comes to attraction marketing is through video media. YouTube is obviously the best resource for doing so. However if marketers don’t utilize video in their campaigns, they miss out on the benefits of using video to connect with prospective customers. Video first — everything else can wait when it comes to attraction marketing.

Customer Q&A Followup

An attraction marketing review should also reveal whether or not the marketer follows up on their tactics. Customers are bound to have questions when you try to educate them beyond the information that is readily available on a product. Not responding to these questions, is a sure fire way to fizzle out any campaign quickly. Learn what your customers want to know, and use that to further enhance your attraction marketing strategies for future use among other products or other marketing strategies that you put into play.

Customer Feedback

You’ll know if an attraction marketing strategy is effective by the feedback it gets from potential consumers. This should give a clear indication on whether or not the consumers are actively engaged in the content provided via attraction marketing. If you see little positive response from the target audience that is viewing whatever marketing strategy is in place, you may want to consider other options.

Is Attraction Marketing Still Effective?

So, if all goes right with this strategy, customers will be attracted to you because you enlighten them by offering helpful information about your service or product. However, the main take-away is that not much will happen with MLM attraction marketing until you begin to build relationships.

Do you think attraction marketing
is still an effective means of
bringing people into your MLM business?

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2 Responses to “Attraction Marketing, Is it Dead?”

  1. Derrick says:

    No way! I think the approach may not work exactly like it did years ago, but the overall strategy is still effective.

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