AWeber Review, How Does AWeber Compare to Getresponse

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This Aweber review will explore whether this autoresponder service is better than GetResponse. By reading this Aweber review, you will be able to decide which autoresponder is the best for your needs.

Even though there are other choices, the decision of which autoresponder subscription to purchase usually comes down to Aweber vs. GetResponse. They are the most popular.

Both providers essentially offer the same features, including:

  • easy-to-use interface for publishing emails, broadcasts and follow-ups
  • high deliverability assures you that your emails will escape the spam filters and actually be delivered.
  • rating of spam words in emails to reduce the likelihood of being labeled as spam
  • usage statistics on emails sent, bounced, opened, and clicked
  • split-testing of different email variations to determine which one has higher opens, click-throughs and sales
  • templates to create opt-in forms and newsletters

By just taking a simple poll of users in the affiliate program I market, it seems that most of those internet marketers are using AWeber. However, many of them have never tried GetResponse.

I initially used Aweber when I started marketing on the internet, but switched to GetResponse because I thought AWeber was hard to use back then. I recently had a problem linking my GetResponse account to an optin form, so I opened an AWeber account to be able to utilize the form for a previously-scheduled solo ad campaign. The problem wasn’t with GetResponse, but with the optin form, itself.

So, now I’m using both autoresponders, and this is allowing me to compare the two objectively.
Aweber Review

AWeber Review – Comparison to GetResponse

Here are some differences between the two services:

Initial Cost – GetResponse offers a free 30-day trial (no credit card required), and AWeber has a $1 trial for 30-days, with a 30-day, money-back guarantee. I actually prefer the GetResponse offer, because When the 30 days is up, I don’t get charged automatically.

Monthly Cost – For people who are just building a list and have fewer than 500 subscribers, GetResponse costs $15/month, and AWeber costs $19/month. They both offer tiered-pricing depending on the number of subscribers, and the pricing for the service from GetResponse is a few dollars cheaper than AWeber for each published pricing tier.

Set Up – I read an Aweber review that stated that the Aweber interface has a shorter learning curve and is easier to use. Also, another Aweber review stated that Aweber has strategically placed its videos as you go through the start-up steps. I think it was very easy for me to set AWeber up without watching the videos, but I can’t compare that to GetResponse because it’s been a couple of years since I started with GetResponse.

Deliverability – I would have to say that deliverability is the most important factor when evaluating autoresponders. According to GetResponse, their deliverability is 99.3%, and Aweber claims theirs is 99.43%.

Both services improve email delivery by:

–removing bounced emails automatically
–reducing terms in your emails that trigger spam alerts
–working with ISPs to lower number of emails considered spam

In doing research on this topic, I read an AWeber review that mentioned that AWeber’s blog broadcast feature enables you to count your email subscribers in your Feedburner RSS count. Additionally, you can set a specific day or time to send those blog broadcasts. You can even set it to send the broadcasts when you’ve made a certain number of new posts. I checked with GetResponse and was told that they don’t offer this option. You can, however, automate broadcasts for each time you update your blog, but you cannot pre-set a specific time or day for those broadcasts to be sent to your subscribers. I’ve been using GetResponse for a couple of years and never found a need to schedule these broadcasts. I will investigate to see how this actually works.
I think the best way for you, as an entrepreneur, to know what will work best for you is to test it out. That way you will be able to make an informed decision. It’s best to do this before you have a large list. This decision may come down to personal preference. Here are links you can use:

==>Try GetResponse free for the first month. No credit card needed.

==>Test drive Aweber for $1 only. Money-back guarantee.

These are my affiliate links since I’m an affiliate for both providers.

Writing this AWeber review has helped me explore the pros and cons of each service. I still have 2 weeks left in my AWeber trial and will do some additional comparisons and testing before deciding if I’ll make the switch to using Aweber exclusively.

After reading the information in this AWeber review, which autoresponder will you choose?

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Aweber Review Update

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