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“10 Steps to Get Your Site Ready
for More Blog Traffic or Website Traffic!”

Blog Traffic or Website Traffic
All over the Internet there’s a buzz about blog traffic or website traffic generation.

Everyone agrees that you need blog traffic if you are going to build your online home based business.

So, simply having a blog or website is not enough.

I’d like to take a different perspective on this issue and ask:

What good is blog traffic or website traffic
if your site doesn’t convert it?

Now, I’m not talking about simple aesthetics – which is very important since your competitors’ sites all look good, so you’d better be sure your site looks good, also.

I’m talking about planning, targeting, and implementing a strategy for building and converting blog traffic or website traffic — which too many new blog owners pay little attention to.

I recently made a major overhaul to my blog specifically because, even though it looked nice and offered valuable information (based on comments from visitors), the site didn’t DO anything. It wasn’t converting blog traffic. I needed it working for me 24×7.

I realized that I had spent so much time learning how to use WordPress, optimizing my blog, creating content, adding photos, adding videos, setting up an RSS feed, tracking blog traffic, and on and on — that I hadn’t come up with a clear home business marketing strategy for my blog.

Your blog needs a goal…be it an authority site, a news site, a credibility site, or other.

Before you consider pumping website traffic to your site, you should think about the following planning questions:

      1. When someone visits your site, do you make it very clear to visitors what you are offering on the blog?
      2. Is it clear what you want your blog visitor to do?
      3. Are the benefits of visiting your site clear to them?
      4. Is your offer enticing?
      5. Does each page have a call to action?
      6. What is your niche?
      7. Who is your ideal prospect?
      8. Have you chosen your money keywords?
      9. Do you know what money keywords are? Do you know how to choose them?
      10. How much time will you invest in blogging daily (posting, monitoring links and traffic, approving comments, etc.)?

Get the idea? Once you can satisfactorily answer these questions, then you can move onto blog traffic generation because you will communicate a clear intent as you offer great content.

Success in generating and converting blog traffic or website traffic is yours for the taking if you answer those questions.

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JC Dawkins

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2 Responses to “Convert More Blog Traffic or Website Traffic”

  1. joe sandy says:

    These are excellent points JC. It all boils down to driving traffic to our blogs whether its to sell a product, generate leads online or promote a good cause. Content is king when it comes to this, and, like you said, if it all doesn’t flow right, people are going to jump right out and visit another blog. Thanks for sharing this info.
    joe sandy recently posted..Convert More Blog TrafficMy Profile

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