Blogging Tips, How to Blog More Effectively

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Blogging tips can help you blog more effectively.

Many internet marketers advise newbies that they should be blogging daily. This post will give you blogging tips that will help you command attention and yield maximum search engine results. I did the research to improve my blogging, and I’m sharing that insight with you in this post.

Several team members are struggling to know what to write about. If you have been feeling that way also, you will find these blogging tips useful.

My previous post, “Blogging, Why Your Small Business Needs A Blog,” covered the “why” you should blog. Now, lets talk about the “how” you should blog.

You’ve heard it before…people buy from people they know, like and trust…but how do you build that trust?

Here are some blogging tips to keep in mind for building trust:

1. Use correct grammar and spelling.
2. Make it easy for visitors to socially share your content.
3. Have links to trustworthy resources.
4. Post detailed content regularly.
5. Respond to comments quickly.
6. Answer possible objections before readers raise them. This removes purchase obstacles.
7. Tell stories. People love them.
8. Solve problems. Ask readers about problems they may be struggling with.

It’s also a good idea to have a self-hosted blog. That way you are in control of your content and can say what you want.

So, how do you know what to blog about?
Blogging Ideas
Neil Patel, a well-known blogger, gives the following process for coming up with topic ideas:

1. Research the blogs of your competitors and see which posts did well. You can list their titles, how many shares they got on Facebook, and how many retweets on Twitter.
2. Use Tweetmeme to browse topics and see which ones are trending well in your industry.
3. See what is trending on Google News and Google Trends.

Then come up with similar ideas for topics to write about on your blog.

Makes total sense, doesn’t it?

Here are blogging tips for writing popular posts:

1. Make your posts easy to understand by using simple words.
2. Be relevant but fun. Mari Smith coined the phrase “edutainment” which means you want to educate and entertain for the best interaction with readers.
2. Use the word “you” so you make the posts seem like a conversation between you and the reader. Blog like you are talking to one person.
3. Teach them something. People like “how to” posts.
4. Find a way to get your readers hooked either with your headlines or a sense of urgency. One example is using statistics in your headlines.
5. Ask a question at the end to help you get more comments.
6. Blog because you want to help people out. Care about your visitors and readers.
7. Have great content.

Before you start writing, research your topic and carefully select your keywords. You want to find out what your target audience wants.

What are keywords or keyword phrases? They are singles words or phrases that people actually type into the search engines when they are seeking more information. When writing your posts, you want to naturally include these keywords throughout your content.

Next, you’ve heard this before, you need to be consistent. When I first started this blog, I was posting very consistently. My traffic was building up gradually. Then life happened, and I was distracted so I stopped posting meaningfully for about 9 months. My traffic and my rankings fell dramatically. Now, I have to build it all up again, and I’m doing this consistently.

Did you know that the best time to post is in the morning? Dan Zarella did a survey about what time are people most likely to read blog posts and found the answer was during the morning. That’s going to be challenging for me because I start writing my posts in the morning. I’ll have to start and finish in the morning to get the most people to actually read my posts.

Here are some interesting statistics from Patel:

1. 50% of social media users live in the eastern standard time zone.
2. You will get more re-tweets at 5 p.m EST.
3. For the most response on Facebook, promote your posts at noon on Saturdays. Also, you should scatter your promotion times on the different social media for best results.
4. Emails have higher open rates and click-through rates at 6 am EST on the weekends. Who knew?

I’m going to follow the blogging tips in this post because they have worked for many successful bloggers. Writing quality content takes time, patience, commitment and hard work. With these blogging tips, your investment of time and effort will pay off.

Do you have blogging tips that work for you?

Visit again soon for more Blogging Tips!

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