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Business NetworkingStrategic Online Marketing post –

Are you interested in business networking? Would you like to attract more influential clients?

I just listened to a recording by Brian Tracy, “Business Networking Strategies.” I’d like to summarize some points that I hope you will find interesting.

Brian Tracy encourages anyone who truly wants to build a network or become influential locally to follow a 5 year plan. During this period:

1. Make a list of the top 100 people in your community.
2. Open a file for each of these people and collect information on these influential people.
3. Send notes congratulating them on accomplishments and attend events they will attend.

Before long, you will make valuable connections with these people.

After you meet someone at a networking function, be sure to get their business card and send a thank you note or card. If you get in the habit of sending a hand-written note or card each day for 5 days a week, you will increase your influence and increase the chances for increased business-without ever asking for it.

Additionally, Brian recommends that you form a mastermind group of 3 to 4 people who get together weekly to share ideas to help run their businesses better or the participants can all read a book a week and discuss the book at the next meeting.

Brian shared many other marketing strategy nuggets on this high-definition video. What a great way to start the day with these 7 to 10 minute continuous learning recordings!

Building your network offline can lead to online marketing success as you expand your network using strategic online marketing techniques and social media strategies.

Would you be interested in joining a Strategic Online Mastermind on Facebook? Please contact me for details.

To our success,

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2 Responses to “Business Networking Strategies”

  1. Jon Whitacre says:

    Hi JC,

    Thank you so much for posting your article on Brain Tracy’s video, Business Networking Strategies! My partner told me how much it helped him, so I went looking for it. No where online have I found any info on it but here at your site. So, in the name of unique quality content, if you keep writing equally good content like this, it won’t be long before you’ll dominate the front page in Google. Can you please tell me where, if any place, I can latch onto a copy?

    Thanks again :)

    • JC says:

      Hi Jon. Thanks so much for your comment.

      I used to have easy access to videos by motivational masters like Brian Tracy. I was part of Brian Tracy’s team in a business venture called, iLearningGlobal, and had access to quite a bit of his training material. That business changed it’s business model, but you can still take a look to see if it is something you would like to participate in at I just went to that page and clicked on the video of Brian Tracy. Check it out.

      As a Brian Tracy fan, I’m also following him on Twitter, he’s part of my network on LinkedIn, and I’m in his group on Facebook. Try emailing him at: and asking for information on his videos.

      Regarding Google, I’m always striving to get front page placement in all my keyword phrases and have actually achieve that in several cases. However, I haven’t posted personal growth and development material for rankings on Google. It’s just part of who I am. Helping visitors like you…make posting good content on personal growth and development totally worth it!

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