Cash Mob, A Social Media Sensation!

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Cash Mob

Cash Mob” is a social movement that is sweeping the country!

This kind of mob is actually a very good thing for small businesses.

You’ve heard of flash mobs where a crowd assembles and suddenly starts dancing to music. Now, there is a new sensation where the focus is not on dance but on dollars. A cash mob brings needed dollars to small businesses.

What a good idea!

Cash mobs are the creation of Andrew Samtoy as he tried to help a struggling small business in Cleveland. This idea has turned into a city by city, nationwide and even international effort (including Canada, Austria, Australia, and others), all fueled by social media.

A cash mob encourages people to go into small businesses and give them an economic stimulus. It is a new trend in which people plan organized events allowing them to socialize and support local, small businesses. Mobbers are just people trying to make a positive impact on their communities by helping small businesses grow.

The way it works is that an organizer sends out a message over social media (Twitter and Facebook), typically at least 1 week in advance, telling people where to meet. The requirements are for mobbers to spend $20, meet 3 new people, and have fun.

There’s lots of help online explaining how you can start a cash mob and how to find one nearby. There are also suggested rules for running one and ideas for getting publicity.

Cash mobs bring friendly fun and cash sales to the chosen small businesses. In the chosen store, these mobbers easily spend $1,000 or more within an hour.

On March 24, the organizers held an International Cash Mob Day that resulted in over 300 people showing up at a small business and spending $9,000 in 3 hours. The organizers are not sure how many cash mobs occurred on that day in total, but website stats were amazing. With success like this, it’s no wonder why International Cash Mob Day II is already scheduled. It will be on May 25, 2012.

There’s been some talk about scheduling this event every month to build camaraderie across the globe.

These factors are considered when deciding on which small business gets a cash mob “stimulus”: :)

1. Does the business have products for both women and men?

2. Is the business independently-operated and locally-owned?

3. Will the business give back, in some way, to the community?

Over the last 6 months, it is estimated that over 200 mobs have “stimulated” small businesses. When recently asked why Samtoy thought that cash mobs had picked up so much speed and spread globally so quickly, he said, “I think it speaks a lot to people’s desire to connect with their community, to benefit their community, to invigorate businesses in their communities.”

As reported on NBC news, these store owners are also gaining repeat business from these cash mobs as people become aware of these Main Street businesses.

It’s no secret the economy has put a real squeeze on many Mom and Pop stores. So, independent store owners are definitely embracing the help that a cash mob offers.

Have you had any personal experience with a cash mob?

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  1. Gloria says:

    How cool! I think I’ll check this out in my town.

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