Elevator Speech II

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Some of you are probably thinking that you don’t need an elevator speech because you’re an internet marketer…but even internet marketers get asked “What do you do?” I know people ask me that all the time on Twitter.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have something memorable and attention-getting to say that helps you stand out from the crowd!

Well, as a followup to watching Terri Murphy’s video on ILG about creating an elevator speech yesterday, I just watched two videos this morning by Dave Sherman, entitled, “3 Keys to the Perfect Elevator Speech” and “3 More Keys to the Perfect Elevator Speech”. It was great getting another perspective, and it was so easy doing the search on this topic on our DailySuccessStream website. How cool!

As Dave put it, he is known as the Networking Guy because he helps people meet more people, do more business and make more money. He helps people answer the question, “What do you do?”

He urges us to hear that questions as, “What do you do that will potentially benefit me or the people in my life?”

Some of the key points he shared are:

1. Grab their attention. If you don’t get some kind of reaction when you answer the question, do more work on your elevator speech.
2. Your answer should engage them in conversation about your service.
3. You should come across as likeable, and they should sense some commonality with you.

He offered some other marketing strategy gems, as well, and challenged me to work on my elevator speech today.


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