Empower Network Dream Team, Why A Team Is Critical To Your Success

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Empower Network

Empower Network Dream Team, The Benefits of a Team

Empower Network is a huge team of entrepreneurs using internet marketing to grow their businesses. Within the Empower Network there are smaller teams, and this post details some of the activities of one of those Empower Network teams and how a team is critical to your online marketing success.

A team is a group of people focused on the achievement of a common goal. One of the key benefits of a team is that people can achieve more as a group than the sum total skills of the individuals.

Team work is an essential element of most activities, whether work or play. A team benefits from the creative inspirations and thoughts of different people.

Team work leads to better relationships and camaraderie between members. It creates involvement and participation.

The interaction of working together generates enthusiasm. This leads to higher energy levels and better enthusiasm. Teams generate a special energy.

The leader’s job is to encourage, teach, and organize if and when necessary.

A team offers a support network that members can count on. It is composed of people who want to achieve more and who want to help others achieve more.

You’re not in business alone when you have a supportive team.

As you participate in the team, the people you bring in will want to duplicate. You want them to be easily capable of plugging into the team, and they can.
Member of Empower Network Dream Team

Why You Should Join The Empower Network Dream Team

The Empower Network Dream Team Mission Statement states:

“Our vision is to empower business owners, and increase the personal economies of our members, internationally, not only through our valuable and extensive network, but also through our programs, trainings, tools and events.” ~ Empower Network Dream Team

A great team has inspired leadership, cohesiveness and direction!

The Empower Network Dream Team has a Leadership Team consisting of members with different talents that lead, serve, and support the rest of the team.

Every member of the Dream Team gets the same training, except those that have purchased all the products. I’m one of those members that has purchased all the products, and I would gladly help you succeed in the Empower Network by sharing knowledge with you.

The Empower Network Dream Team gives members several ways to stay connected, get support from team members, and get additional training.

1. Mid-Day Motivation Calls – These calls are run by members of the Leadership Team or a guest speaker.

2. Access to the exclusive team site on Ning.com. This is our social website that brings members together. We share knowledge here.

Here are some of the features of the team site:

–10 Step Training – gives new members a set action plan to follow.

–Newbie Playbook – where members are taken through a more specialized training designed to simplify some of the more technical issues of getting started.

–Recorded U-Stream Events – These presentations are recorded for you to watch at your convenience here.

–Groups – for members with specific interests like blog syndication, self-improvement, mom entrepreneurs, time management, and product creation.

–Bonuses – including Mid-Day Call Archives, Recorded Webinars, the WordPress Wednesday Archives, Advertising Banners, Marketing Tools and the Dream Team Store with specialized apparel and merchandise.

–Gratitude Log – enables members to focus on positive things in their lives that they are grateful for.

3. Skype group – enables quick interaction with other team members. We are encouraged to post questions here if the FAQ page on the Ning site doesn’t cover it.

4. YouTube Channel – these videos cover the following topics: solo ads, banner ads, building your brand with social media, blog syndication, blog monetization, building your list, email marketing, turning your passion into business, and getting more traffic.

Having a team as you build your online home based business is critical to your success. By combining the extraordinary opportunity available through the Empower Network with the support and encouragement from the Dream Team, you can increase your chances for achieving your goals.

Are you ready to learn more about the Empower Network?

Visit again soon for more Empower Network business building tips!


Watch this free video entitled, “The Lazy Mans Guide to Rank On Google”. It’s the fourth video in the series. Let me know what you think. No strings attached! This is invaluable, but you have to act fast. They may take the training video down at any time. There’s a study guide included with this lesson.

If you found this Empower Network post valuable, please tell a friend. I love reading comments, and I answer every question personally.

To Our Online Home Business Marketing Success,

JC Dawkins

“Inspiring Dreams, Empowering People, Transforming Lives”

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