Empower Network Review, The Relaunch

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Empower Network

Empower Network Review – the Empower Network is making major changes – improved payment processing, more expert training, and new product roll outs!

This Empower Network review will cover the latest updates in store for this ambitious venture started by two visionaries who weren’t afraid to take a risk.

The Empower Network Re-Launch

Every Monday night at 9 p.m. EST, the leaders of the Empower Network hold the Empower Hour teleconference which usually lasts almost 2 hours. :-o

This last meeting had a special “promised” agenda:

1. News about our new e-Wallet payment solution.
2. Details about an upcoming re-launch.
3. Steps being taken to ensure that current members are prepared for fast changes inherent in a re-launch.
4. New product roll-outs and enhancements.

We didn’t get much information about the product roll-outs. However, the first 3 points were covered in just enough detail to get the buzz going!

One of the main things that came across for me is that despite the many challenges that were thrown at the Empower Network since its inception, David Wood and Dave Sharpe, are not quitting on us and they don’t want us to quit, either.

They said that now is the time for us to be on every call and to watch every video that they release from now until the Empower Network Re-Launch.

As David Sharpe wrote in his announcement email, “If you walk with us – every step – and lock arms with us right now…we will do everything we can…to over deliver for you. To go above and beyond to help you…succeed in ways you never imagined were possible.”

I just can’t help but ask myself, “Are these guys for real? Do they really have an interest in helping me?”
Dave Wood and JC Dawkins
I’ve never met David Sharpe, but I have met David Wood. I met him a couple of years ago in Indianapolis during a conference for another opportunity that we were involved in. I was part of his team.

My impression of him back then was that he was a regular guy (a little crazy and eccentric), with an extraordinary vision, a deep understanding of what it takes to be effective in online marketing, and a big heart.

After listening to him last night and on a recent video he made on the topic of the re-launch, I’m thinking he is being authentic. As he put it:

“We are always going to tell people what is going on, even when what is going on isn’t totally awesome.”

He went on to say, “I don’t need money here. I don’t need payments from Empower Network…My goal is to help you make as much money as me….If you follow what I teach, I will teach you what I’ve done personally.”

I think he’s at a level now where he is seeking another type of fulfillment, besides money. It’s a fulfillment that comes from helping others succeed.

“You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” ~ Zig Ziglar

The Empower Network Mission and Accomplishments

They both reminded us what the Empower Network (EN) is about. Allow me to elaborate:

1. EN is about the little guys that are just getting started online.
2. EN is a unified effort of people helping people be more successful in business.
3. EN is about thinking how we can better serve members.
4. EN helps people who’ve never made money online in their lives be able to do so without having to be a guru.

The Empower Network ran into challenges early on, like many start-up companies do.

We had:
–Merchant account issues – No one was prepared for the number of merchants that were being added daily as part of our network. Dave and Dave had to scramble for a solution, as the provider options failed twice.
–Server issues – No one was prepared for the overload of traffic, as people were joining faster than anyone imagined.

Yet, the Empower Network didn’t just survive all this. We thrived through it all. Here’s what the Empower Network accomplished in just under 4 months:

1. $3.7M paid out in commissions.
2. Created 18,159 blogs.
3. Expanded into over 150 countries, with blogging in many different languages.

The Empower Network – The Solution and Vision

Well, Dave and Dave fixed the server issues (as they reinvested their profits back into the company), and they have found a solution to the merchant account issues faced by the Empower Network.

They have just finished a system integration, and they promise that this is a sustainable payment model. We were told that there will still be a 100% commission pay-out, because the Empower Network will absorb the risk of processing payments. (I’m not sure I believe that, but we’ll see.)

They have developed a solution called “e-wallet” which is much like Pay Pal or Alert Pay. Unlike the previous merchant account solutions, this new system will include:

–no approval time lags
–no long applications
–no early cancellation fees
–no 6-month contracts

Also, there will be none of the resistance to getting people started, and we will be able to grow faster internationally.

The plan is to turn this new system on for new people getting started now, so we can test it for 2 to 3 days. After that, existing Empower Network members will go live with this payment option.

Then the focus will be on getting existing members ready for re-launch with special marketing training to help us build our businesses faster and stronger during this phase.

David Wood says we will learn:

1. How to make a lot of money with systems.

2. How to get sticky traffic.

3. How to build a team that wants to be with you for a long time.

4. How to use blogging as a tool to attract a big audience.

5. How to use the blogging platform to sell any product.

He is convinced that if we apply the training, we will get great results. Judging from the quality of the training currently available in the Empower Network, I would have to agree.

His goals for the Empower Network in 2012 are aggressive:

1. Stabilize the systems.
2. Relaunch the product with new product roll-outs and enhancements.
3. Affiliates earn $3.7M in a month (we did this in 4 months since launch) – we have awesome products, killer marketing, and highest conversion rates.
4. Affiliates earn $50M in 2012.

Tentatively, the re-launch date is March 12. As with most launches, there will be competitions and lots of exposure.

This is a very exciting time at Empower Network.

As I said earlier, the clear message is that the leaders won’t quit, and they are encouraging us not to quit.

They could have folded their tents in the beginning when they first ran into problems, but they are still walking with us on this journey.

As David Wood put it to Empower Network members on the call, “Let’s make 2012 the best year of our lives!”

Visit again soon for more Empower Network Relaunch Review update!

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