An Empower Network Review

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Offering A Solution To A
Pervasive Online Marketing Problem

Empower Network Review

This Empower Network review will explore how blogging fits in a strategy for making money online.

The problem that I’ve experienced with making money from blogging is that there are challenges that make the marketer feel overwhelmed and frustrated.


An Empower Network Review –
The Problem That Makes People Quit

I’ve written in previous posts that blogging and making money from blogging are not easy. Blogging requires commitment and consistency.

You have to post content daily as you establish your new blog.

You have to decide between creating the content yourself (which will cost you time) or outsourcing this (which will cost you money).

So, either option actually costs you money, because your time is money.

Then, you need to make your blog start working for you. That means adding opt-in forms, landing pages and an auto-responder, to name a few essential tools. All of these cost money and require know-how.

As an example, I spent hundreds of dollars putting up my blog, and I’m still tweaking it.

As I was building my blog, there were many times when I wanted to give up and throw my laptop out the window. I felt drained, frustrated and overwhelmed. It was hard, and it took a lot of time! Some days, it was especially difficult and painful to even think about blogging, much less actually do it.

I wanted to say, “That’s it. I’m done.” (Are you feeling me?)

How I wish there was a solution when I first started blogging! This Empower Network review will cover how these problems are addressed with the Empower Network.

An Empower Network Review –
Finally A Solution That Works

At the Empower Network, we have a solution to the problems I just covered.

We have a system that shortens the internet marketing learning curve and reduces the amount of time and effort required to market effectively online. This doesn’t mean that no effort or time is needed. I’m saying that less effort and less time are needed. Plus, your effort will be directed to doing things that have been proven to work, again and again.

As one of my team mate puts it, this system is similar to what happens when a person puts a video up on a powerful platform like YouTube. Just putting that video on YouTube, helps it be found.

This is similar to what happens with your blog on the Empower Network.

The Empower Network offers:

1. A ready-made, blogging platform
2. Done-for-you, search engine optimization
3. Extensive training on blogging
4. A way to make money from blogging

I’d like to make it clear in this Empower Network Review that as soon as you pay the “entry” fee of $25, you can input a little information about yourself, upload your photo, and you can start blogging.

An Empower Network Review –
The Marketing Training and The Dream Team

Then you can access the training. The system has steps for you to follow to ensure that you start blogging the right way. The training includes everything from getting started to weekly topics on internet marketing by top gurus. These experts share strategies and tips for making your efforts in internet marketing online successful.

We also have another source of training via the Dream Team. If you partner with me, you will have access to this exclusive team training–at no extra cost. We have a Skype group and a YouTube channel where team members help each other understand internet marketing online and make suggestions of topics to blog about.

Our team shows you how to:

1. Find people to invite
2. Find topics to write about
3. Write keyword-rich content
4. Apply techniques to help you get on page 1 on Google

Just following the steps laid out for you will get your blog humming in no time.

In addition to all of this, the Empower Network offers a way for you to make money. I explain this in more detail here.

So, is all of this worth $25/month?

An Empower Network Review – It’s a “No-Brainer”!

The co-founders, David Sharpe and David Wood, made this system affordable for everyone from the at-home-mom to the busy, small business owner.

It is also easy to make your membership free. Commissions are 100% paid out to members. So, to make this clear in this Empower Network review, once you refer one person, your platform is free.

You won’t have to do any convincing if you plug into the system by connecting with people on social media and inviting them to a webinar.

An Empower Network Review – The Summary

The Empower Network offers a solution if you want to blog but are stopped by:

–not understanding how
–having little money to get started
–no knowledge of how to make money blogging
–lack of topics to write about

Another point I want to cover in this Empower Network review is that the Empower Network will save you the effort, time, and lots of frustration.

If you decide to partner with me, I will mentor you and the members of the Dream Team will help you learn how to market effectively. We will ensure that you invest your time in the things that will bring you online marketing success.

We will provide you with the know-how to systematically build your business using the Empower Network — giving you a jump on other teams.

Get in now. It’s fun getting 100 percent commissions online!

Empower Network

More Detail on Getting Paid in the Empower Network?

The Empower Network compensation plan is extremely powerful! I’ll review some of the key features of the plan, and then let you know how you can learn more.

Key features of compensation are:

Empower Network Compensation

Break Even After First Sale!

The compensation plan is designed to get you to break even on the first sale of each license.

This helps to keep the retention rate high because if a member gets at least one sale in their pay line, their membership is paid for. So, why would they drop out?

Once they are in positive cash flow, they are locked in and don’t want to leave the Empower Network.

Direct Pay From Members!

First, I’d like to make something very clear. The company, the Empower Network, doesn’t pay you. You’re marketing pays you.

That’s why it’s so critical that you learn home business marketing skills over the internet.

100% Commissions!

The Empower Network allows you to earn 100% commissions as you learn internet marketing.

There is a 100% net pay from this incredible marketing system and done-for-you blogging platform. So, you get maximum pay for your marketing efforts with the Empower Network.

Generate Residual Income!

The membership fees are set up to automatically recur monthly in the Empower Network. There are no collections, no waiting for checks to be mailed, and no checking your post office box. These residual payments go directly into your bank account as soon as they are processed. How sweet is that!


The 3 Licenses in the Empower Network

There are 3 main licenses that you will market as an affiliate marketer of the Empower Network.

You have to purchase the licenses to earn commissions. You can’t sell or make commissions for any license that you have not purchased for yourself.

The licenses are:

1. The Basic Membership License ($25/month) – includes basic access to fast start training of viral blogging and marketing system. This gives you the ability to earn monthly $25 commissions deposited directly into your merchant account.


2. The Inner Circle Membership License ($25/month+$100/month) – includes the basic plus access to the Inner Circle training library. This gives you the ability to earn monthly $100 commissions for everyone you introduce to the system. If you want to learn the many aspects of marketing online, this is the solution. It gives you up-to-date training to get the best out of your blogging platform. This also includes weekly online training and advanced training.

3. The Costa Rica Mastermind Training License ($25/month+100/month+$500 one-time) – includes unlimited access to video series of private mastermind retreat held at a co-founder’s home in Costa Rica.

So, for the small investment of $25, you will get the Basic Membership license which gives you access to a blogging platform that removes all the technical aspects of getting started online. Plus, you will have instant access to a blog that you set up by following a few simple steps.

You break even on your first sale of each license in the Empower Network, if you have purchased it.

For example, you get a $25 residual payment every month for every sale from people you enroll, with the exception of your “pass ups”. Your “pass ups” are the 2nd, 4th, 6th, and every 5th sale after that, which are passed up to your sponsor.

The sales from people you introduce to the network will follow the same pattern, as will the sales from people they introduce.

This also applies to the $100 residual payment every month for the Inner Circle Membership license and the $500 one-time payment for the Costa Rica Mastermind Training license, if you purchase those licenses. If you don’t, all those sales are passed up to your sponsor (again, if your sponsor has purchased those licenses). Remember, you aren’t paid commissions on products you didn’t purchase for yourself.

How Much Can You Make in the Empower Network?

So, if you refer just 10 people who purchase the first 2 licenses and they also refer 10 people who do the same, you create a potential income of about $5,000 per month…if you also purchase the licenses yourself. Then you continue to add to that base.

The income potential is incredible, and of course, we can’t make any promises about how much you will make.

This compensation plan is extremely powerful! Learn how you can reserve your spot in the Empower Network today! Opt-in by clicking the image below.

Did this Empower Network review explain why you should get your spot today?

Click here to learn more about a system that will take you from
beginner to pro in internet marketing online
and teach you everything you need to know to get endless leads and blog traffic
for your online home business starting today!

Member of Empower Network Dream Team

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To Our Online Home Business Marketing Success,

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