Finding Your Passion and Living Your Dream Life

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Freeda on Finding Your Passion

“Success Begins From The Inside Out!”

Finding your passion can help you to live a happier life. This post gives suggestions for finding your passion and living your dream life.

When your dream dies, you lose a little passion, you lose a little vitality, and you lose the sparkle in your eye. Don’t allow your dream to die.

It’s time to resurrect your dreams by finding your passion.

When you succeed in finding your passion:

–Time flies – you lose your sense of time.
–Work is play – you enjoy working.
–You awaken with positive expectancy.
–You can’t get enough of what you are doing.
–You are seemingly happy for no reason.

I bet that the happiest people you know are doing something they love or living their passion.

Then there are the unfortunate ones who wander around without ever finding their passion. They are typically miserable and unfulfilled.

There’s hope for people who are still trying to discover their dream.

Discovering your dream and finding your passion aren’t always easy.

Here are some suggestions to help you in finding your passion:

1. Take a look at your hobbies. What do you like doing during your spare time? If you are willing to do these things without pay, these may be your passions. Can you do make a living doing any of them?

2. Take a look at what you are good at.

3. Think about when you have been your happiest. What were you doing? Who where you doing it with? Where where you doing it?

4. Use online resources.

–Dreamminder – it is a powerful and simple way find your passion and purpose.

–One Question – the question most of us ask at some point in our lives is “What should I be doing with my life?” Take the free test to find your passion and life purpose.

5. Determine if and how you can get paid for doing your passion.
Finding Your Passion

Finding your passion
will take you part of the
way to your dreams.

Next, you want to actually achieve your dreams, and here are a few suggested steps:

1. Create a shortlist of top 2 or 3 passions.

2. Take some time to clearly picture yourself accomplishing your dream.

3. Devise a plan for getting there.

4. Learn everything you can about your dream.

5. Research and interview others who have accomplished that dream. Learn what obstacles they have had to overcome.

6. Start taking steps toward accomplishing your dream.

7. Practice the skills for success in doing your passion.

8. Focus on your dream obsessively. Set aside time daily to repeat a mantra and visualize yourself accomplishing your dream, and imagine that you can not fail.

I read something lately that said we should all live as we want people to remember us. How deep is that! Start now on the path to finding your passion and accomplishing your life’s dream!

Inertia is hard to overcome, but you can start taking action now by finding your passion.

Along the path to finding our passion and living our dream, we’ll come across people who knowingly or unconsciously tell us we don’t have the necessary skills to make it big. They deflate our dreams. Are you guilty of this? However, I’m not saying we should lie to people.

I watched Joel Osteen last Sunday, and his service moved me to think deeply about the power of the words we say to people.

He said one of our assignments in life is to see the greatness in others and encourage them to be the most they can be.

People in our lives are waiting for encouragement. We all need somebody to believe in us.

We all have seeds of greatness that are ready to take root. Joel said we should, “Call out their seeds of greatness. People will rise to the level of our expectations.”

He told a story of an experiment that was done in a high school. The principal told 3 teachers that they were the top 3 teachers in the district and that they were chosen because they were the smartest and most effective ones in the school district. They had been chosen for a new program where they were going to teach the top 90 students, those with the highest IQ, at a faster pace than other students.

Both the teachers and the students were excited that they were chosen for this pilot program.

At the end of the school year, the 3 classes learned that they exceeded the progress of other students by 30%. They were 30% further along. Both the teachers and students were proud of their accomplishment.

The principal then informed the teachers that the students actually did not have the highest IQ. They were chosen randomly.

Well, the teachers felt so accomplished. They had taken an average class and exceeded expectations. They patted each other on the back and credited their great teaching ability.

Then the principal told the teachers that they were actually not the top teachers in the district. They, too, were randomly selected.

Again, people rise to the level of what is expected of them.

What expectations do you have for yourself and others in your life?

Finding your passion, using the suggestions in this post, can help you live your dream life.

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  1. Liz says:

    I definitely appreciate this post. I’m so dissatisfied in my job. Thank you for this.

  2. Carmen says:

    So inspiring. Thanks.

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