Get Clients Now, How To Find The Cheese To Get More Clients

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Get Clients Now
Get clients now using these proven techniques. This post will show you how to get clients now.

I just watched a video by one of my past coaches, Perry Belcher. He made some interesting points that I’d like to share with you.

He began by saying that there are only 3 ways in the world to build a business. They are:

1. Getting more customers.
2. Getting existing customers to buy more the first time.
3. Getting existing customers to spend buy from you more often.

The first way to build a business, getting more customers, is the most expensive and the least effective. The last two ways will generate more of your profit than the first method.

He was directing his comments to local business internet marketing professionals. However, these techniques can be helpful to many entrepreneurs and small businesses owners who need to get clients now.

To get clients now, he suggests that we take a lesson from “The Cheese and Whiskers” analogy.

The analogy goes like this. A mouse will chew a hole through a 3-foot thick wall to get to a piece of cheese. That same mouse will do everything, including bypassing the cheese, to avoid a cat, or “whiskers” in this analogy. The important lesson here is that marketers should always focus on the prospect’s “cheese”–what the prospect really wants, if they want to get clients now.

Business owners all have “cheese” — something they want and need to survive, and most of us are approaching our prospects with our whiskers exposed (what we want and need). All we are thinking about is presenting what we have to offer which is less about what the prospect wants than what we want.

We should get into conversations with prospects based on helping them get their “cheese” without scaring them by coming across too “salesy”.

We can get clients now by using a technique that uses a series of emails that are proven to work better than a sales pitch.
Cheese and Whiskers Mouse

Here is a summary of the email series to get clients now:

1st email: Pure Cheese – ask a question about something that means a lot to their business. The subject is “Question”. The body of the email will ask a key question like, “Do you cater weddings?” directed to a restaurant owners. This starts the conversation. In a test, this email got a reply of 35%.

2nd email: The Toaster – {no subject line needed), say: “Great. The other restaurants I’ve been working with are at capacity. Could you guys handle 5 to 10 wedding catering jobs per month?” You would pose a question relevant to the vertical industry they are in.

3rd email: The Pass – “Great. I’ve just got some questions. Then proceed to list key questions that will help you get to know this prospect’s business. For example, you can ask about the size of the facility, the discount based on number of people, the server rate included in the price, what they offer, etc.?

Understand that these emails may not be going into the hands of the decision maker. So, to increase the chance of getting the attention of the decision maker, at least one question must be something you know a subordinate can’t answer. That way the top guy has to be consulted. How smart is that? The hand-off will take place, and the decision maker will want to talk to you.

The phone number in the email should go to voice mail, so you can call back. This enables you not to give too much information when they call. Posture is important if you want to get clients now.

You then call them back saying you are on the road now, and you ask to set a time when the two of you can talk about it. Now you’ll have an appointment.

You’re going to have to explain how you can get more of whatever is important to him or her. You need a system and an offer to get clients now.

Whatever you leave with him should be targeted to that vertical industry. If you leave a questionnaire, you just want to raise his awareness. Don’t embarrass him.

To get clients now, only ask about 10 questions. Here are some examples:

1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how important is it to you to get clients now?
2. What are you doing to get customers to spend more each time they are here?
3. What are you doing to get customers to come in more often? What kind of loyalty program do you have?
4. How many multiple channels are you using to communicate with customers and prospects?
5. How are you gathering customer contact data so you can talk to them every time you have a sale.

Remember, people love to buy, but they hate to be sold. Also, once a person spends $1 with you, it is 20 times more likely that they will do more business with you in the future.
Cheese and Whiskers mouse

The secret to get clients now is to deliver exceptional value.

So how do you find the cheese for the business you are targeting? If you know your market, you know their “cheese”. Put yourself in their shoes. What do they really need and want? What business or customers would they like to attract?

To summarize this marketing strategy, this tactic involves getting business owners to call. Then converting those prospects into customers with an offer of some low-cost service to build up their confidence and trust.

This post showed you how to get clients now. You can make these techniques your own by adjusting them for your particular business. Get clients now.

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