Getting Started Online Mini-Course Intro

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Introduction to JC’s Tips on Getting Started Online!

Getting Started Online Tips

Welcome! It’s so exciting that you’ve decided to take this e-course!

Getting Started OnlineIf you are just getting started in online marketing and want to learn how you can do this quickly and profitably or if you would like to learn how to market effectively online, you have come to the right place.

My goal is to share information with you from some of the leading master marketers on the Internet. I will be divulging tips, tricks and strategies from these masters to help you create a profitable, online home based business and:

–Avoid the common pitfalls faced by aspiring online marketers

–Understand which business model offers you the best chance for success.

–Know what resources you absolutely must have to get started right.

I think new online marketers need a game plan or blueprint to follow. They don’t need to spend time trying to put the pieces together. I promise to make it simple. I will lead you step by step. Don’t stray from the path. Don’t complicate things.

Because an online business is one that is run primarily over the Internet, it is important to understand what makes it different from offline businesses. Despite all the hype online about anyone being able to be successful in online marketing, there are some key considerations:

  • Not everyone is cut out for this type of business. Some people are not cut out for business at all.
  • Not everyone can successfully run their own online business. It’s not easy! You’ll need to devote time and money to it.
  • Not everyone can sell. No money gets made, unless a sale is made. Someone has to sell something for money to be made. One skill lacking in many aspiring online marketers is the ability to market or sell their products or services online. However, if you don’t have that skill now, you can acquire it as you go.
  • Not everyone is comfortable with computers. You will need some basic computer skills to run an online business. Again, if you don’t have those skills now, you can acquire them as you go.

So, there are a few questions you must ask yourself
before getting started online:

1. Do I really want to run a business?

2. Am I willing to commit time and money to my online home based business success?

3. Am I prepared to learn marketing?

4. Am I, at least, comfortable with computers?

Only you have the answers to these questions. As far as what you need to learn, you’ll get that from this course, and subsequent emails from me, either directly or through recommendations. If your answer to each of these questions is “yes”, then proceed with Part 1 when you receive the email in a couple of days. We will begin by discussing different business models for online marketing success.

Pre-Flight Checklist #1 for Getting Started Online:

  • White list this email address: To ensure that you get my emails, regardless of which email system you are using, you can add this address to your address book.
  • Make a folder to save these emails.
  • As you read the different steps in this e-course, follow the steps that apply to you.

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To online home business marketing success,

“Inspiring Dreams, Empowering People, Transforming Lives”

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