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Focus Obsessively and Take Action
For Online Homebased Business Success!

by JC Dawkins
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Welcome Back!

Getting Started OnlineBy now, you should have a vision, goals, a plan, action steps and know the importance of getting and staying motivated.

Now, let’s talk about focusing obsessively on your goals, so that you stay excited and inspired about your vision.

In an article entitled, “Learn the Secret to Use the Law of Attraction,” I wrote that “focusing obsessively means not allowing yourself to be distracted in a world that is filled with distractions.”

To do this you need to be clear about your niche, your product, and who’s your ideal customer.

I wrote in my May 14, 2010 newsletter, “From the Inside…Out!” about how focusing on the ideal customer is very important to your online marketing success. Focus on your ideal customer. Know what they want and how they think.

In the May 7, 2010 “From the Inside…Out!” newsletter, I wrote about how people should decide what they want, believe they can get it, focus obsessively on it with a burning desire until they attain it, and take appropriate action.

All the effort you have put into your vision, goals, a plan, action steps and creating your strategic online marketing plan will yield nothing if you don’t take action. We’re about to get into the “serious” online marketing training.

Before we do, there’s one more issue to discuss…when should you quit your day job?

Pre-Flight Checklist #8 for Getting Started Online:

  • Think about your the reasons why you want your business to be successful.
  • Focus on your goals obsessively.
  • Take action!

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