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The Essential Ingredient
Most Aspiring Marketers Overlook!

by JC Dawkins
Getting Started Online Tips –

Welcome Back!

Getting Started OnlineI mentioned earlier that one of the questions you needed to ask yourself was whether you are willing to learn marketing. I think aspiring online marketers seldom give “marketing” and online marketing skills the emphasis they deserve.

When getting started in online marketing, you will need to learn how to market online by mastering the Internet marketing basics. The secret to earning profits online is choosing great information products and effectively marketing those products.

Sometimes when Internet marketing gurus teach strategies, methods and techniques, they overlook a fundamental ingredient for online marketing success…marketing. You don’t need to be a technically-savvy, computer professional to be an Internet marketer.

Developing marketing or sales skills doesn’t sound exciting, but it is essential to your online marketing success. There are opportunities to make money all around you. Do you see them? A true marketer does.

You will need to think like a marketer. What does it mean to “think like a marketer”?

“Thinking like a marketer” includes thinking about what people need and find a way to meet that need. [Credit to Charlie Page]

You’ll need to target a market, zoom in on the desires of that target market, and provide information they are willing to pay for.

Additionally, depending on how much marketing training you’ve already had, you may need to learn:

1. How to write a sales letter.

2. How to use an auto-responder for following up with prospects.

3. How to capture email addresses and build a list.

4. how to give away free e-books to generate leads.

In the next segment, we’ll discuss how important it is to create a vision for your business.

Pre-Flight Checklist #4 for Getting Started Online:

  • Do you think like a marketer?
  • Start looking at the world through a marketer’s glasses.

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