Getting Started Online Mini Course – Quitting

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Getting Started Online?
When Should You Quit?

by JC Dawkins
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Getting Started OnlineNeedless to say, I don’t think you should quit or give up on your goals. However, you may be wondering when you should quit your day job.

Yes, infinite opportunities abound in getting started with an online, homebased business. However, with our current economic environment, I think you have to be very sure before you decide to leave a steady income.

So, what is the best game plan for getting started online, while you still have that full time job?

1. Evaluate how many hours you can invest in building your online business.

2. Be sure that your strategic online marketing plan realistically reflects this time investment.

3. Select and follow one business model until you succeed.

Also, the answer to when you should leave your JOB, depends on:

–What is your vision?

–What is your strategic online marketing plan?

The decision is yours, but I don’t think you should leave your job until the business is yielding the income you need to cover your living expenses. Then once your business profits exceed what you earn on your day job, you can seriously consider quitting…your job, that is. :)

If you have followed through on the action steps so far, I’d like to congratulate you.

In the next segment, we’ll discuss how important it is to create a vision for your business.

Pre-Flight Checklist #9 for Getting Started Online:

  • What is your income target before you leave your 9 to 5 job?
  • Start focusing on reaching that income level.

Have you completed all the exercises in this mini-course, so far?

Now let’s get serious! Time to get to the next level.

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