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Resources Needed to Successfully Market
Your Online Homebased Business
or Small Business Online!

by JC Dawkins
Getting Started Online Tips –

Welcome Back!

Getting Started OnlineIn previous sections, we covered the skills needed for online marketing success and the business model I recommend.

We’re now ready to talk about the resources needed to run an online homebased business. It’s important to have the right tools.

Online Marketing Resources

I have listed some resources I recommend, and I included my affiliate links.

Besides the very basics that you must have in a computer, with Windows XP, and an internet connection (preferably broadband):

1. An anti-virus program to protect your computer

2. A zip program so you can open files that are sometimes zipped because they are so large

3. An email account to use for business

4. At least $200 to $500 for investment in your business start up

5. A credit card for business use to help satisfy expense tracking for tax purposes

6. A checking account for business use to satisfy expense tracking for tax purposes

7. A Paypal account — this makes it possible for you to accept credit card payments from customers.

8. A backup drive to ensure you don’t lose all your hard work

In the next segment, we’ll talk about how effective marketing is the key to the success of your small business or homebased online business.
Pre-Flight Checklist #3 for Getting Started Online:

  • Review the list above and get the resources you need.

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