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Without This Your
Homebased Online Business Perishes!

by JC Dawkins
Getting Started Online Tips –

Welcome Back!

Getting Started OnlineIn previous segments, we primarily covered what was necessary to increase the chances of your online marketing success.

Now, we’ll get more personal, and ask you to create a vision for your business. Can you see your business goals fulfilled clearly? Begin with the end in mind and hold onto that vision. Successful business owners have vision. See yourself succeeding. Never doubt that image.

This is the first step in creating a game plan.

A vision:

1. is a big picture of where you want to go.

2. gives you a clear direction to your business.

3. should motivate you.

In the next segments, we’ll discuss creating a strategic online marketing plan.

Pre-Flight Checklist #5 for Getting Started Online:

  • Get clear about your business vision.
  • Write it down and focus on this image regularly.

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