Staying Motivated in Home Business Marketing

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“How to Stay Motivated
When Building An Online Home Based Business!”

Lessons from Freedom Freeda, the Flat-Headed Flea


Home Business Marketing with Freedom Freeda

Freedom Freeda

Home business marketing is crucial for online home based business success.

For all you entrepreneurs who are running your online home business and want to learn home business marketing strategies that work, I’d like to introduce you to Freeda, the flat-headed flea.

(This story is a twist on an old, behavioral science story that applies to the quest for financial freedom that one of my mentors shared with me. Allow me to explain what Freeda has to do with online home business and home business marketing. I promise to tie it all together at the end.)

Freeda, the Flat-Headed Flea, grew up inside a bottle. She didn’t know how she had gotten into that bottle, but there was food and she was comfortable.

She was very lonely. Day after day, she would look through the glass of the bottle and yearn to be part of all the exciting things that were happening around her. She was very eager to get out of the bottle and experience the world.

Ever since she was very young, Freeda loved to jump. It felt good, and she was good at it. It came naturally to her. You might say she had a gift of jumping and a passion for it.

Freeda wanted to jump out of the bottle and do more with her life. So, she naturally tried to jump out.

At first, she wasn’t very strong, and she couldn’t jump very high. As she practiced, she got better. With each jump she would get closer and closer to the top of the bottle. It became easier and easier to get closer and closer as she got stronger and stronger!

Building Your Online Home Business With
Home Business Marketing Skills
Can Increase Your Confidence, Too!

Then one day, she just knew that she would be able to jump out with her next jump. She was so excited that she would soon be out in the world. She told herself that this would be the jump that would lead her to freedom…to life without constraints. She would be able to do what she wanted to, when she wanted, wherever she wanted. She had to get out!

She mustered up all her strength to make a powerful attempt. She jumped higher and faster than ever before.

Home Business Marketing Obstacle

She hit something.

There was a cork in the mouth of the bottle. She hit it hard, and it hurt…but she wasn’t ready to give up.

She tried over and over again.

Ouch! Each time she tried, she hit her head and fell back down hard.

How Many of You Have Run Into Obstacles
Along the Road to Online Home Business
and Home Business Marketing Success?

Home Business Marketing with Freedom Freeda

Freedom Freeda

(What do you do when you come across an obstacle to your online home business and home business marketing success?)

Eventually, Freeda realized that if she did not jump as high, she would avoid hitting her head on the cork. So she learned to jump just high enough to get near the top without hitting it.

She settled on living her life inside the bottle and only jumping high enough to avoid the cork. She never tried to get out again and only jumped just high enough to not get hurt.

As time passed, the cork loosened and fell off the bottle — but Freeda didn’t notice. She continued jumping only as high as she had learned…to avoid pain, failure and disappointment.

(Sound familiar to your online home business exploits?)

Freeda’s life almost came to an end when a passerby kid saw the bottle and shook her out. She was free! Now her dream of freedom would not simply be buried inside her flattened head.

Now, what does Freeda, the flat-headed flea,
have to do with online home business
and home business marketing?

Many of us live our lives based upon internal interpretations of what is possible. Very often our notion of what is possible is not based on reality.

Are you going through life with a cork on your bottle? That cork can be any obstacle in the way of your online home business marketing success.

Does your head hurt from banging it against the obstacles you face along the way to your success?

Are you trying to start an online home business, but know little about home business marketing?
The moral of the story:

Home Business Marketing with Freedom Freeda

Freedom Freeda

You see, there’s a “Freedom Freeda” alive in all of us.

We want to be financially free, but sometimes we give in to thinking that we can never achieve our dreams. That applies to our efforts in online home business marketing.

Don’t give up on your dreams. Do not stop dreaming!

Get back in touch with your passions! Create your own reality!

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To Our Online Home Based Business and Home Business Marketing Success,

JC Dawkins

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