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Home Business Marketing Update –
12/20/11 – YouTube Updates

YouTube is one of my favorites. Here are some recent articles that can help you with YouTube!

  • 3 Ways to Use YouTube to Drive Traffic to Your Website
    Are you wondering how to get people from YouTube to your website? Are you looking for ideas to move people from watchers to clickers? Keep reading to learn how. Why YouTube for Traffic? With an impressive three billion daily views, this video-sharing platform stakes its claim as the world’s second-largest search engine (behind Google) and [...]
  • 5 Ways Your Old YouTube Videos Can Triple Their Visibility
    Are you frustrated with your YouTube and video marketing efforts? Most business owners test the “YouTube waters”; by uploading a few videos, then walk away. They return in a few weeks to notice each video has only a handful of views. Is that your experience? If so, fret not! All is not lost… In this [...]

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