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Getting Started with a WordPress Blog!

by JC Dawkins
Internet Marketing Basics Tips –

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Internet Marketing Basics - Mastering the Basics
If you want to run an online homebased business, you will need a website or blog eventually.

“A blog is your foundation and starting point for strategically getting your message out to the world.” ~ Sandi Krakowski

If you decide to create a website, you will need an HTML editor. That’s a program that you use to design your web pages. The program converts your content so that the web host computers can understand how you want yur pages to look.

A website or blog is a must for any business today.

If you need to learn how to build a web page or set up a website. I suggest you get a software like Dreamweaver. Once you learn the basics of running the program, it is easier to use than you might think.

“You must have a blog to start branding yourself as a leader. You want prospects to find a professional marketing hub that oozes credibility, connects your reader more personally with you through social media and “incentivizes” an opt-in to your list where you can begin to communicate and offer your own unique value.” Ty Tribble

According to Sandi Krakowski, “WordPress is the most universal publishing platform there is, making it easier than ever for anyone to have a working website for their business.”

There is no need for technical skills of internet publishing, and it is cost effective.

In comparing a blog to a website (according to Grant Griffith):

1. adding posts and pages to a blog is easier than doing so on a static website.

2. posting to a blog regular gives visitors a reason to return and connect with your business and you.

3. blogging enables you to build trust as you convert visitors to readers to subscribers.

The best system I’ve found for creating a blog for affiliate marketing is Socrates.

Socrates is totally customizable. You want that flexibility and ability to use the theme for the other sites you will create.

In the next segment, we’ll continue to discuss how you can customize your blog.
Action Items for Mastering the Internet Marketing Basics:

  • Use this link to purchase and start creating your Socrates blog: Socrates Theme

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