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Registering a Domain Name!

by JC Dawkins
Internet Marketing Basics Tips –

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Internet Marketing Basics - Mastering the Basics
To use the business model I recommend, you will need your own domain name.

A domain name is the web address of your particular site.

A domain name is the name you give to your blog so that when people click the link or search for it, they are sent to your blog.

Having your own domain is like having virtual real estate that you can build equity in as you increase its value.

In choosing a domain, you’ll see that you have a choice of the extension (that’s the “.com”, “.net”, etc.). If the domain is for your primary business, get a “.com”. It is still the most memorable extension.

Most experts would say that you should select a name that describes what the site is about. While others feel you should get your name for branding purposes.

It is becoming more and more difficult to get desired names. There are a few key things for you to bare in mind.

1. Names with hyphens are hard to remember. However, many sites that rank well in the search engines have hyphens.

2. Try not to use abbreviations, number digits, or misspelled words. They are harder to remember.

3. The shorter the domain name the better.

According to Joel Comm, “Having a keyword-optimized domain name gives you full control of your site and gives you a potentially valuable asset you can eventually sell.”

Keywords are terms you enter into the search field of the search engines to find information about a particular subject. A keyword can be a single word or a phrase. You may want to consider alternative spellings and plural forms when considering keywords.

There are many places you can register domains, I recommend GoDaddy because it is the most popular, you can purchase extremely cheap domains, add email to your domain, and create sub-domains. It is very user-friendly. At GoDaddy, you can register a “.com” domain for just under $10 per year.

In the next segment, we’ll cover which web host to choose to host your domain and why.
Action Items for Mastering the Internet Marketing Basics:

  • Think of domain names that describe what your site will be about.
  • Register for a GoDaddy domain. Check out more info here: GoDaddy Domains

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