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Discovering a Niche!

by JC Dawkins
Internet Marketing Basics Tips –

Welcome Back to JC’s Mastering the Basics!

Internet Marketing Basics - Mastering the Basics
Mastering the Basics begins with discovering a niche.

What is a niche?

Most people think a niche is a group of people you select to target in your marketing. I’m going to ask you to look at it a little differently.

A niche is a void in a group of people where one of their needs is not being met. A niche is a need many people have that your product can fill. It is something that must be found, discovered or uncovered.

So, the process of targeting a niche is about finding a need that many people have, then creating or finding a product to solve it. This is what the term “discovering a niche” implies.

Choosing the right customers is essential to your business success.

Your goal is to find a niche that is in demand. One where you will be able to provide a solution to a need. According to Charlie Page, you need to think about what people need and find a way to meet that need.

I watched a very informative training video recently by Eben Pagan, and I highly recommend using his methodology. He says the process of “discovering a niche” involves:

1. Starting with one of the Big 3 Mega niches — health & fitness, dating & relationships, business & money.

2. Identifying a big, common problem that you know how to solve.

3. Narrowing your niche to only those prospects that have the biggest need.

In the next segment, we will cover how to select a product after we identify a profitable product.
Action Items for Mastering the Basics:

  • Discover a niche.
  • Identify a big problem that you know how to solve.
  • Narrow your niche to only those prospects that have the biggest need.

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