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Choosing a Product!

by JC Dawkins
Internet Marketing Basics Tips –

Welcome Back to JC’s Mastering the Basics!

Internet Marketing Basics - Mastering the Basics
Once you identify a profitable niche using the method identified in the previous segment, visit:

You will look for a product that pays good commissions (between 50% and 75%).

To locate other affiliate networks that may have a product in your niche, search Google. Just type in the name of your niche followed by the words “affiliate program” in the search box. You can also type the root words of your niche followed by the word “article” into the Google search box. This may lead to new ideas for a niche product.

Another valuable tool is Amazon. The number of reviews a product has on Amazon is an indication of what is hot and what products people are willing to pay for. Look for products with more than 20 reviews.

According to Jimmy D. Brown and Ryan Deiss, after you select a product you can then add related products to diversify horizontally. You don’t want to just develop a singular product in your niche. You need to exhaust your options.

Then move onto other niches and add products there.

In the next segment, we’ll discuss how you can register the right domain name.
Action Items for Mastering the Internet Marketing Basics:

  • Get a account and sign up for a program within your chosen niche. Begin with one and then add on as you start to see results.
  • Search Google for affiliate programs and articles about your niche to generate product ideas.
  • Search Amazon to see which products people are writing reviews for.
  • Select a product to start marketing.

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