How To Eliminate Limiting Beliefs – Part 1

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“Life has no limitations, except the one you make.” ~ Les Brown

Are your limiting beliefs keeping you from having everything you desire?

Here are steps to follow to eliminate those beliefs:

1.  Determine what your limiting beliefs are.

2.  Focusing on just one, figure out when you formed that belief.  Take your time with this step.  Go as far back into your past as you can.

Most of us can trace our limiting beliefs back to our parents.  This doesn’t mean they didn’t love us.  It just means they didn’t understand the impact of their words and actions.

Children tend to accept interpretations of their parents’ actions as Truth.

3.  Think about other ways you could have interpreted those actions.  This will allow you to see that your interpretation may not be Truth.  It was merely your interpretation, among other possibilities.

More to follow tomorrow…

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