How to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs – Part 2

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Personal Growth and Development post:

To continue from where we left off yesterday

4.  After imagining the possibilities of how those events could have been interpreted, do you understand that it was the meaning you gave to the events that made you feel badly?  That meaning wasn’t necessarily the Truth. You attributed that meaning to that event.  Events have no meaning until you attribute meaning to them.

Would you like to…

–Stop your procrastination?

–Significantly improve your self-confidence?

–Get rid of your anxiety in social situations?

–Stop your fear of rejection?

–Banish your need for the approval of others?

–Eradicate your need for perfectionism?

–Eliminate your high levels of stress?

–Stop the critical “little voice” in your head?

I recommend that you allow Morty Lefkoe to walk you through this process.  You can eliminate your limiting beliefs.  Try the Lefkoe Method — FREE.  You can recreate your life!

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What are your limiting beliefs? Post your comments below.

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