Worrying? Here’s How To Be Worry Free

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Freeda on Worrying

“Success Begins From The Inside Out!”

Worrying doesn’t help anything.

This is easy enough to say, but it’s so insensitive to say this to someone who has just lost their job and is struggling to feed the kids or pay the mortgage.

We can try to encourage them with our words, but people don’t need our words, even if they appreciate the sentiment.

Disasters seem to be happening more frequently all around us and to our families and friends. Sometimes it seems like all it will take to throw our families into financial collapse is a tornado that strikes our street, news that we have cancer, or a terrorist gunning us down in a neighborhood theater.

Unfortunately, if we allow these possible events to get to us, we will worry all the time.

These are tough times and perhaps what people need is an action plan because worry doesn’t just go away. We have to fight it.

I wrote a post a few months ago entitled, “Do Not Worry! Why Your Worrying Won’t Help!” In it, I covered these tips on how to stop worrying:

1. Practice relaxing by taking 15 minutes when you wake and before you sleep to clear your mind.
2. Learn to accept that uncertainty is part of life.
3. Identify and control your negative thoughts by shifting your focus.
4. Develop and maintain an attitude of peace, courage and hope.

In today’s post, I’ll explore additional steps that give you a choice to live the life you want by learning how to stop worrying.

How not to worry or at least keep from worrying too much:

1. Stay focused on the “now” and make every moment count by doing activities or surrounding yourself with children and people who help you live in the moment. Our tendency is to think about the past or the future, and this can sometimes lead us to worrying.

2. Stop expecting something bad to happen. I think this is why us “glass-half-full” types encourage people not to read newspapers or watch the news. We believe that the more you talk or focus on the negative, the more you bring it into your life.

3. Look for good things to be grateful and happy about. I’m all about taking time daily to appreciate who and what you have in life. Focus on the positive to bring more of it into your life.

4. Take action to combat worrying by being prepared, but don’t dwell. I’m not suggesting that you pretend that nothing bad can ever happen. However, I think it makes total sense to exercise, eat right, buy an electric generator, and have supplies ready in case there is an emergency. Then allow yourself to let go and don’t worry about what may or may not happen.

5. Know that you can come out of the crisis having learned important life lessons. You can be a victim or you can be victorious. You have the power to emerge as a better person.


Life is a journey down a road that can change at any moment. Try not to dwell on what has happened in the past or what may happen in the future. Enjoy the people and conditions of your life now and…stop worrying.

Did this post give you helpful tips on how to stop worrying?

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