Internet Marketing Coaching, Tips for Getting Started Online

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Internet Marketing Coaching
Internet marketing coaching can lead to your online marketing success.

Last night someone asked me a question on my fan page about what can they do to get started online.

I remembered that I created a mini-course about getting started online. I created that almost 2 years ago. When it comes to online marketing, 2 years is a long, long time. So, I’ll be updating that information, adding videos, and re-posting everything. I will also start having teleseminars or webinars on the topics.

Let me preview what I will cover in this updated Internet marketing coaching course. It will begin with very fundamental considerations and build to more strategic internet marketing tips, tricks, and techniques. I use the word “strategic” to emphasize that the best results come from carefully planning your marketing efforts.

Getting Started Online Using Internet Marketing Coaching

Here are basic steps you should follow and the topics you will learn in this complimentary, internet marketing coaching:

1. Get The Necessary Resources – There are certain basic tools that you will need to be effective in online marketing. Don’t hinder your success by thinking you can create something great without using the right tools.

2. Determine Your Marketing Budget – This is something every aspiring marketer should allow for. Start determining which methods you will want to use to be successful.

3. Decide On The Business Model – There are numerous ways to make money over the internet. You can choose from affiliate marketing, network marketing, or small business, among others.

4. What Is Your Vision – You’ll need a clear vision of what you want your business to be.

5. Write Your Plan – We’ll review key questions you need to ask to create an online marketing plan.

6. Maintain Your Motivation – You’ll need this to make it through the difficult times as you get better at basic internet marketing skills.

7. Keep Your Focus – This detours many newbies. There are so many “bright and shiny” objects introduced on the internet daily to distract you. Stay focused.

8. Decide That No Quitting Is Allowed – You’ll have to decide the put in a focused effort for a minimum of 90 days to 1 year to be successful in online marketing.
internet marketing coaching

Continue Learning
Strategic Internet Marketing Tips

Here are 7 more advanced steps and topics you will learn in the second part of this complimentary, internet marketing coaching program:

1. Discover Your Niche – My recommendation is that you identify a problem and show how you solve it. You’ll want to narrow that to prospects with the largest need.

2. Pick And Register Your Chosen Domain Name – Follow these pointers for picking the right domain name and registering it.

3. Host Your Domain – Find out what you should consider before choosing a hosting service.

4. Choose A Product – You’ll learn sources where you can choose proven products to market.

5. Get Started With A WordPress Blog – Learn why you’ll want a blog for your business and how to create one.

6. Set Up Your Email Marketing System – You’ll want a system for capturing leads and staying in contact with them over time. This consists of a lead capture page, sales page, sales funnel, and auto-responder service.

7. Start Marketing – Decide which marketing strategy you will implement first, learn tips from people who are using it effectively, implement the strategy, and track your results…JUST DO IT!

The steps and topics covered above are what you need to get started in online marketing. We’ll be starting on June 20. Be sure to join me for these internet marketing coaching sessions.

Are you ready to get started in online marketing
by joining this internet marketing coaching sessions?

I’ll notify you when we start via email.


A little added note…

I highly recommend that, whether you are a newbie or an experienced marketer, you consider joining the Empower Network to continue getting internet marketing coaching from top-producing marketers.

Here are the benefits you will get from joining so you can build your online home based business or small business online:

1. An affiliate marketing program that is very lucrative which consists of lead capture pages, sales page and sales funnel. This is optional.

2. An internet marketing education that is one of the best available. It teaches you how to set up your email marketing system, how to use free advertising, and which paid advertising strategies really work, plus a whole lot more.

3. A blogging platform that’s part of a high-authority, blog network that can get you high rankings on Google fast! Blogging is still the best way to get high rankings on the search engines.

The bottom line is that the Empower Network makes it a lot easier for the new, internet marketer to get started online.

Here is a testimonial from a small business owner who had great success with internet marketing coaching:

“I came into the Empower Network in early November, bought everything I could and went to work studying. My husband I are small business owners, and we have a fairly decent sized website, when I say sized I mean lots of pages about different services that we offer.

After studying SEO and learning how to get my blogs listed I went to work on our company website and made sure all the tags were as they were supposed to be and tied the pages to the keywords to the relevant pages for our business, did basically all the same things we are taught to do with the blog posts.

We had always gotten a fair amount of traffic, but today…
key in one of my keywords and our website is everywhere…
out ranking our competition in both paid and organic searches.

Our phone is ringing off the hook, to the point I almost cannot concentrate on building an Empower Business… and I credit it all the education that I have gotten here at Empower Network.

Thank you to Dave and Dave and all the leaders here who have been so gracious in sharing their talent and knowledge.

Not only is it helping us build our Empower Business…it is also helping us build our brick and mortar business.” – Cheryl

After picking up the complimentary tips from my internet marketing coaching that’s starting on May 16th, I highly recommend that you join the Empower Network where you will learn about current strategies that top-producing, internet marketers are using now to produce massive results. I’m not just trying to sell you on this. I truly believe this network offers a lot of value for you if you want more advanced, internet marketing coaching.

Visit again soon for more Internet Marketing Coaching tips!

If you found this Internet Marketing Coaching post valuable, please tell a friend. I love reading comments, and I answer every question personally.

To Our Online Online Home Business Marketing Success,

JC Dawkins

“Inspiring Dreams, Empowering People, Transforming Lives”


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