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Small business tips can be learned from going to the movies.

My husband and I treated ourselves to a movie today, “The Hunger Games”. We really enjoyed this movie and are anticipating the sequels in this trilogy.

Coincidentally, I came across an article in Entrepreneur entitled, “Four Small-Business Lessons from The Hunger Games.” The article made a comparison between the movie and small business. The link can be found below.

Here are the key small business tips from the article:

Small Business Tip #1 – Small business owners must know their strengths. The star of the movie, Katriss, knew her strengths and waited for the opportunity to put them to good use. Small business owners (whether online or offline) should choose markets where they can beat the competition in some way.

Small Business Tip #2 – Small businesses should fill a need. In the movie, Katriss’s sponsors in the competition made sure she received medicine to soothe a bad burn on her leg. Just as the sponsors filled that need quickly, so must entrepreneurs fill a need in their niche.

Small Business Tip #3 – Entrepreneurs must master the basics. The competitors in the Hunger Games needed basic skills to survive in the competition. That training gave them an edge over their competition. Business owners need an edge as well, particularly if they plan on doing business over the internet. Take business courses, take internet marketing courses, interview other business owners, preferably before you take the big plunge of starting your business.

Small Business Tip #4 – Be true to your own values. Several times in the movie, Katriss said she didn’t know how to make people like her. One co-star responded, “Just be yourself.” That’s also good advice to business owners. People can detect when you are not being authentic, so just be yourself.

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Internet Marketing News

Internet Marketing News
Here are the latest, Internet Marketing News updates. This week I’m highlighting — Small Business, Video Advertising, SEO and Google updates that I thought were the most interesting. Give me your comments on this internet marketing online post. I’d love to read them, and I answer them all personally.

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