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Internet marketing requires the right mindset for success.

My last post to this blog was about staying positive. Well, I was tested yesterday.

You see, you’ll have to prepare yourself because internet marketing can sometimes try your last nerve!

I paid for a solo ad that was schedule to run 3/31/12. A solo ad is an ad that you send to a subscriber base that is owned by someone else. This allows you to get a lot of leads quickly.

Once a person on that email list decides to click the link in your ad, they are taken to your capture page.

They then enter their email address and two things happen. First, they are sent to the video sales presentation. Second, their email is added to your list in your auto responder. This is an excellent and highly recommended way to build your list.

Well, it was after midnight, the day before my solo ad was scheduled to run, and I decided to check how many leads I had gotten that day from other marketing that I’m running. I saw only one lead for the day, and that concerned me because I had recently connected the capture page with my auto-responder. (We explain how you do this in the Empower Network back office).

So, I tested my capture page by inputting my email address which I thought I had done before that night. Testing that the lead capture page is working correctly is something you should do as soon as you set everything up in your back office.

Somehow, I must have skipped that step because when I clicked “submit” to test the capture page, I was redirected to an error page saying, “No web form ID”.

“What!” I almost lost it because if this wasn’t fixed by morning, everyone that entered their info into my capture page the next day would get this same message and wouldn’t be sent to the video presentation. Plus, I wouldn’t get their email to build my list.

I didn’t know what to do.

I created a new campaign in my auto-responder so I could ensure that I did everything correctly. Then I input that new campaign name into the capture page, and I still got the error.

I “skyped” my coach (at that late hour), but unfortunately she had no suggestions because she didn’t use the same auto-responder service.

As a result of both being tired and feeling frustrated, I started thinking, “Forget about it. I guess I just blew that money.”

Then I remembered the post I had written the day before about staying positive and decided to practice what I preached.

I calmed down and started repeating a mantra, “Everything happens for a reason.” I can’t explain it. That’s just what came to me at the time…and it worked. I started getting hold of my emotions. Then I meditated and reminded myself of how internet marketing was going to get me to my goals.

Then it occurred to me. Why not use another auto-responder service? Our lead capture pages allow us to use an alternate auto-responder. It would only cost $1 for a 30-day trial, and that was surely better than not collecting those emails and not sending prospects to the sales video…if it worked. I had nothing to lose but a little time.

Luckily for me, I knew how to use the other service because I used it previously, but opted to change to my current service. I remembered enough about how to use it to get by. That saved me the time of watching the training videos and what was not after 1 a.m.

I signed up, created the email campaign, and copied the emails from my original service. I then input that campaign name into the lead capture page, and I tested it by inputting my email address, and “YES!”

It worked!

It’s a good thing, too, because when I called the support number for my original service, they said the problem wasn’t anything I had done. So, they didn’t have a clue.

At this writing, the solo ad campaign has resulted in over 600 clicks on my link, 190 new leads, 2 signups and 1 paid signup (I never even spoke to this person!). That will give me lots of people to contact in the next few days.

Having said all this, the moral of the story is that sometimes we have to calm down, stop from switching into negative mode, and allow our minds to solve the problem.

Internet marketing requires the right mindset for success. Even though it may be after midnight and you are tired, you will need to deal with things that don’t go exactly as planned, don’t work, or were done incorrectly. So, you’ll need to practice staying focused, staying motivated, and staying positive to be successful at internet marketing.

I’m so grateful I followed my own tips on staying positive!

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    1. Patricia Green says:

      I think the thing to remember with online marketing is that you usually can fix your mistakes. So, I just do my best and I learn from my mistakes and get better.

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