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Internet Marketing News

Internet Marketing News For The Savvy Internet Marketer

During this aftermath (we hope) of the recession, small business owners are still dealing with depressed revenues as their customers have changed their buying habits.

Here are some survival tips for small business owners from a post entitled “7 Ways to Help Ensure Your Business Succeeds” (the link is found in the internet marketing news” target=”_blank”> internet marketing news section below):

1. You’ll need a written plan that briefly outlines your goals, strategies, sales plan, marketing plan, and financial plan.

2. You’ll need to be prepared to make adjustments if things don’t go as planned. Have a back-up plan. Small business owners should have a plan for what to do if their business gets worse. As a small business owner, you should plan now for the worst-case.

3. You’ll need advisers. These are people who will review your ideas and give you suggestions for improvement.

4. You’ll need to write out all the processes in your business so you can easily train others to do them. Track everything.

5. You’ll need to outsource or delegate tasks.

6. You’ll need to use the internet because your competitors are using it to get business and build a community of loyal customers.

7. You’ll need to focus on net profit and reinvent yourself and your business, if necessary.

The author’s final suggestion is that you should have fun in your business.

Small business owners need basic business skills, tenacity, vision and commitment. They also need stamina.

You’ll need stamina because there are so many demands on you every day. Entrepreneurship is a journey in transformation, and you’ll need to work on yourself as hard as (maybe harder than) you work on your business.

Your small business can succeed if you follow a plan.

To help you stay up-to-date with social media, here are some of the news items that caught my attention.
Internet Marketing News
Internet Marketing News

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