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Internet Marketing News

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Autoresponders are services that allow you to send emails to your list easily and automatically. They allow you to follow-up with your list on auto-pilot. Two leading autoresponder services are AWeber and GetResponse.
Aweber is Winner
A couple of months ago, I wrote a post entitled, “AWeber Review, How Does AWeber Compare to Getresponse.” In it I promised to compare the two autoresponders and determine which one I would use and why.

Apparently, most of the internet marketers in the Empower Network and the Dream Team use Aweber. So, it was tempting to make the simple decision in favor of Aweber, but I like to have better reasons for arriving at my decisions.

I’ve used both over the past 2 months and here are my conclusions (I hope these will help you decide which is best for you):

1. I found out that neither service can accurately track the open rate of plain text emails. Aweber can only track “inferred” opens if the reader actually clicks on the links in the email. GetResponse, however, does not track the open rate at all on plain text emails.


Because I do most of my emails as plain text (because they are universally accepted), GetResponse email statistics aren’t very useful. The best strategy, of course, is to input both an HTML version and a plain text version of your emails to give you the most accurate stats.

2. GetResponse offers an email preview for many different browsers, including iPad 2, Android, and iPhone 4. Pretty cool!

3. Changing the email series you created for your campaign is easier with AWeber. Their interface allows you to more easily copy emails for repeat sends.

4. It’s easier to change a plain text email to HTML in AWeber because there are “HTML Template Editor” and “Paste in HTML” buttons on the on the plain text edit page.


5. When I call AWeber customer service, I like that they don’t ask for my login name before they attempt to answer my question.

6. Because most of my colleagues use AWeber, it’s easy to share campaigns. That means when a new person gets started on the team, they can simply load the Empower Network email campaign into their AWeber autoresponder.

I found that Aweber was more intuitive and user-friendly, and for my purposes, AWeber is the winner. ;-)

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Internet Marketing News
Internet Marketing News

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    6 Responses to “Internet Marketing News 6/16/12”

    1. Patricia says:

      Really like that article about Bing. Thanks for the link.

    2. Suzanne says:

      I like how you made this a contest between the 2 autoresponders. I have always had Aweber so it’s reassuring to learn that I made a good decision. Thanks.

    3. elizabeth says:

      Thanks for getting back to us with the conclusion of your Aweber test.

      • JC Dawkins says:

        No problem. I’ve been satisfied with GetResponse for years now, but using the 2 services side by side really helped me to see that Aweber was best for me.

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