Internet Marketing News 6/2/12

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Internet Marketing News

Internet Marketing News For The Savvy Internet Marketer

Here are some of the internet marketing news items that caught my attention this week, including blogging, SEO, funding and coaching tips.

Internet Marketing News

–The following post explores theories that say that “power poses” can put us in a productive state of mind. Each of these poses or postures allows your body to take up more space and this tells your brain that you are in a power. Your brain then makes you more productive. Check this post out for yourself to learn more.

  • 3 Postures to Boost Productivity Now
    How using simple power poses can put you in a productive state of mind.

  • –Here’s a good reference list to follow when creating a blog.

  • 5 of the Most Important Content & Social Media Tips For A Successful Business Blog
    The tendency for corporate marketers and their agencies to chase shiny social objects seems to be manifesting as conflicting trends in the usefulness of social media for business. Companies that execute their social media marketing tactics poorly often conclude the channel doesn’t work. A good example is the “corporate blogging is dying” story which contrasts [internet marketing news...]
  • Internet Marketing News
    –The tips in the following article are best for the novice internet marketer, but they are definitely useful.

  • The 7 Deadly Sins of SEO
    Are you guilty of committing these major search engine optimization (SEO) mistakes with your business website? We show you how to avoid them, and how your website really can compete against the big boys.
  • –Here are some sources of funding for starting or growing your business.

  • 3 Online Tools To Find Funding
    A look at ways to find the best funding sources and tailor the options for your small business.
  • –I’m a believer in getting coaching to help attain my goals. One of my favorite quotes about coaching is: “Part therapist, part consultant, part motivational expert, part professional organizer, part friend, part nag — the personal coach seeks to do for your life what a personal trainer does for your body.” — Minneapolis-St. Paul Star-Tribune

    The following articles gives good tips for getting started with a coach.

  • How Coachable Are You?
    If you aren’t open to feedback and new ideas, it could be what’s keeping you and your business from long-term success. Here’s how to be more coachable.
  • The Simple Strategies & Tactics Are Often Best
    Seven words in a radio advertisement show one brand is winning with social media marketing.
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