What is Wrong With Internet Network Marketing

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The Challenges of Internet Network Marketing

I realize that not all of you are into internet network marketing, but those of you who are may find this post interesting. It is relevant to our overall theme of Home Business Marketing.


I listened to a training call the other night by a business partner, David Wood, where he made several compelling points. I’d like to share some of those points with any of you who are engaged in Internet Network Marketing.

Network Marketing Team

He explained that Internet Network Marketing is good for finding people, but not singularly for growing a successful team. To grow a strong team and a huge residual income, you need to utilize traditional network marketing techniques. These tried-and-true techniques include talking to your warm market and utilizing 3-way calls.

3 Key Actions to Make in Internet Network Marketing

He also mentioned that there are 3 key actions you should take when speaking to a prospect:

1. Read or Point– If they ask a question, find the answer and read it with them or point them to where they can find it in a presentation. Don’t try to be the expert by explaining everything. Remember that the prospect is deciding if what you are doing is simple enough for them to duplicate quickly–and easy for the people they know to duplicate.

2. Introduce — Get them on a 3-way call. This doesn’t have to be with your upline. It can be with anyone on your team that you can edify (meaning “build up” or introduce positively as used in network marketing) in some way. Until you are successful, you should choose someone to do 3-way calls with you. The power of third-party confirmation still works very effectively.

3. Telling a Story — Utilize the power of telling a story to paint a picture. Tell your own story. Tell other people’s stories. Collect stories.

Show Them Success in Internet Network Marketing Fast!

Once they join your team, David stated that you want to be sure to have them experience some success within their first 72 hours in the opportunity.

Additionally, attraction marketing is a hot term on the Internet. According to David, what beginners quickly learn is that attraction marketing works if you are successful. In which case, you are actually attracting people because they want to align themselves with someone who is successful. However, based on what is currently happening on the Internet, “most people want to attract people when they aren’t successful” yet.

So, if you are involved in Internet Network Marketing, you may want to consider these points or re-think your strategies. I offer these points in the hope that they at least give you something to think about.

What do you think about these points?

To our success,

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