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Mindset - Open Mind

Mindset for Success –
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“An open mind is a powerful mind.” ~ Byron Katie

Hey Everybody!

I’m always talking about the importance of mindset in online business building, and I’ve written about the Law of Attraction (LOA) several times on my blog and in my newsletter, From the Inside…Out!. I have also shown how you can relate the LOA to achieving your goals for your home based business. But still…I think many of you may have asked yourselves the question, “Is this Law of Attraction thing for real?”

Well, I just read an email from Bob Doyle where he wrote about the Law of Attraction, and I think the points he covered may resonate with you, like they did with me.

Bob made the following points:

      1. The LOA explains how energy behaves. It is not simply about focus. It’s about how energy vibrates or what he calls “vibrational resonance”.
      2. You attract what you are in resonance with. It doesn’t matter if you are consciously focusing on it.
      3. Your emotions shift your vibrational resonance. You will attract what you feel, whether you are thinking about it or not.
      4. Learning to visualize what you want is very important because it can shift your emotions, and your emotions can shift your vibrations.

As Bob Proctor puts it, “Visualization is the beginning of anything that happens,” because everything started out as an image in somebody’s mind.

Here are the key steps to creating life-changing visualizations:

      1. Get clear about what you want.
      2. Focus on what you want with emotion and visualize yourself already having it.
      3. Take action in the direction of your goals.
      4. Do things that make you feel good so that you keep your vibrational resonance high.

There’s a neat visualization tool you can check out for free called Mind Movies, created by the Mind Mastery Series experts.

I’m not an affiliate of this product. I just think you’ll find it interesting and useful. Plus, you can check it out for free.

I just downloaded 6 of them, as a bonus!

I’ve already started using them. Let me know what you think.

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