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Freeda on Landmark Forum

“Success Begins From The Inside Out!”

The Landmark Forum is about you living the life you love!

My daughter suggested I attend the Landmark Forum because it brought about a shift in her thinking, and she thought something that I would appreciate with my passion for mindset, motivation and personal development.

So, I attended the forum last weekend. This Landmark Forum review will help you decide if this type of education is for you.

Your first consideration will be the time requirement. The forum takes place over 3 full days and an evening, totaling 42 hours. It’s quite intense.

We were required to sign a confidentiality agreement. The information I will cover in this post is available from the syllabus and video presentation on the Landmark Education website for all to see.

Here are some of the specific, Landmark Forum
tenets that are still fresh in my mind:

Landmark Forum
1. The Vicious Cycle – As humans, we tend to collapse “what happened” with our story about what happened. The story we tell becomes our reality. This ends up being the source of a lot of pain and conflict. When we learn to separate the story we tell about what happened from what actually happened, we can achieve what we want in life.

2. Freedom from Anxiety – Fear and anxiety play a role in our lives, regardless of how accomplished we are. We all want to look good and fit in, and we are all concerned about be judged or criticized.

3. Language as an Access to Power – The way we use language constructs our experience. We create a new future when we use language that is possibility-based. Language can become an instrument of creation. You can design your life and redesign your possibilities. Live the life you love!

We also discussed how it is a human tendency to lie, be inauthentic, run rackets, and take the easy way through life. We make up stories about what happened to make others wrong and ourselves right; so we look good. We blame others for our problems. To create a new future, we need to forgive ourselves and others for what has happened in our past. Even some of the positive events from your past may limit your possibilities.

Was it worth 42 hours and $575 to attend the Landmark Forum? My answer is yes. The concepts weren’t new, but the experiential or transformational approach to teaching these tenets was new. I think differently now.

More importantly, my thought process have changed
since participating in the Landmark Forum:

1. Tell myself when I feel fearful of being judged or criticized in social situations that others are fearful of me, as well.

2. Ask myself if I am blaming others, instead of taking responsibility for how I feel and think.

3. Remind myself to take life less seriously.

4. Feel bold about setting exciting goals in my life and encouraging others to help.

Also, we have the option of attending 10 more nights of training to learn to apply these concepts and make them a part of our way of thinking. This transformational education has given me seeds of new habits that I will put into practice so they can take hold. My experience at the Landmark Forum has helped me to solidify a much healthier mindset.

By taking action, you, too, can gain vision, power, freedom and peace of mind.

Is the Landmark Forum right for you?

Visit again soon for more Mindset and Motivation tips – Landmark Forum!

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