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Linkedin Tips
Linkedin tips can help you reach top professionals and make connections for your next work opportunity. Linkedin tips can also help you advance your career or find a job. This social network is a hub for professionals looking for online connections for both career and business. It is also your gateway to creating connections that may lead to a business opportunity.

This post gives Linkedin tips for using this social networking tool. These Linkedin tips can optimize your impact online.

My Linkedin profile is in need of some “love”. So, I’ve been researching the top LinkedIn tips, and I’m following advice from a course that is showing me how to utilize this social media network to increase traffic and sales for my online home based business. Some of the following tips apply to business and some apply to job search. So, regardless of your interest, you should find these Linkedin tips useful.

Here Are 10 Linkedin Tips to Maximize Your Results:

1. Complete Your Profile – To create an effective profile, keep it focused on which clients you can help and what results you’ve achieved in the past. Keep your profile concise. It’s purpose it to make connections with business partners or clients. Also, be sure that your profile is complete and updated regularly. Be sure to have a compelling headline.

An important Linkedin job search tip from recruiters is that it is fine to change your job title to something people understand.

2. Add Photo, Personal Slide Show or Video – Adding a slide show or video to your profile can make your profile stand out. You can only add YouTube videos.

3. Include Keywords – Be sure to add keywords for all your skills and accomplishments. This increases the chances of your profile being found.

4. Get Connections – The more connections, the better. Let me clarify. You want to connect to people you either know or have done business with. Connections increase your chances of finding opportunities and the right connections to help your search. When you apply to a company, use your connections to help your candidacy and tell you what the company is really looking for. Also, be willing to help others with advice or referrals.

A smart Linkedin job search strategy is to use Linkedin to build your network now. Why wait until you need it? Put a strong network in place so it will be there when/if you need it. So, make connections now at the companies that you would like to work for.

Leverage your network. It is one of your most valuable assets.

5. Get Recommendations – You want to get recommendations added to your profile. The best way to get positive recommendations is to give them. Back these up with honest feedback. Getting referrals and recommendations in this social network can increase your chances of getting an interview. Also, getting recommendations from people who worked with you adds a lot of weight to your profile. For example, a strong recommendation from a previous manager can highlight your skills. If you are laid off, be sure to ask your manager to post a recommendation for you.

Recommendations also impact where you show up in search results.
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6. Get Expert Status – An effective Linkedin job search strategy is joining groups in your industry. You’ll want to be active and join the discussions and debates. Active members get visibility and can attain expert status. Also, participating in the Linkedin Answers section can get you visibility. Plus, responding to questions can get you known as an expert.

7. Use the Search Function – You can choose to search for jobs and contacts at a particular company by using the search function. Then you can save up to three searches at one sitting. You can also search for jobs using postal code, country or keyword. The company profiles show what a company is looking for and where people go after the leave the company.

8. See If You’re Connected – You’ve heard the saying, “It’s not who you know, it’s who they know.” This is very true on Linkedin. For example, this social network can actually tell you how and whether you are connected to a hiring manager if the job is listed on this social network.

9. Stay Connected – You should download Linkedin’s mobile apps to ensure that you have potential business contact’s information whenever you might need to connect with them. This app can also help you invite new connections, post updates and access LinkedIn Answers on the go. Additionally, use status updates to remind your community of your work skills and your current activities.

10. Export Connections – You can export your connections to your email account so that you can connect with them easier in your Linkedin job search efforts.

The above Linkedin tips help you use this social network correctly to increase your online visibility to employers and prospective business connections. I shared actionable advice in these Linkedin tips to help establish your credibility and manage your network.

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