List Building, What You Need To Know

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List Building
List building and nurturing a relationship with people on that list are keys to email marketing success.

Email marketing, perhaps the most powerful marketing technique around, is a process of sending timed, email messages using an auto-responder service (usually paid for monthly) or a script (installed on your server) for the purpose of selling a service or product.

With a mailing list, you can promote whatever you want, whenever you want, as often as you want at no cost.

I just listened to exclusive training about list building.

Here are key points to consider about list building:

1. List building doesn’t require a website or a hosting account.
2. Buying a list and then blasting away with offers doesn’t work – You need to take time to build a relationship with those people first.
3. You need persistence to build a list.
4. The winning list-building strategy is…give your list incredible value.

What do you need to build a list?

1. A squeeze page – this contains an optin where the reader is typically asked to input their name and email before gaining access.
2. An auto-responder – this captures leads and then sends follow-up messages to your list.
3. An offer – this is something the people feel is valuable enough to trade their information for. Typically a downloadable PDF or video series are used.
4. Messages – these are pre-written and timed for maximum impact.
5. A funnel – this is a series of great products or services that are offered to your list.
6. Traffic – ahhh…the word we hear so much about. You want to send targeted traffic to your squeeze page. That’s people who want or need what you offer.

Your email should provide helpful information about specific problems and offer a solution. Just sell the click. You want them to click the link to learn more. Let the sales letter do the selling.

You will want to focus your efforts on list building and giving people incredible value.

How does a newbie get started with list building?

1. Decide on a niche – what is your target market?
2. Have a premium gift that entices your target market to input their email address.
3. Write your email messages bearing in mind that you want to build trust.
4. Create a squeeze page to capture leads. In WordPress, the Socrates theme makes it easy to create squeeze pages by simply choosing a template and filling in some info.
5. Send traffic to your squeeze page.

Follow these list-building tips to effectively use email marketing.

Email marketing takes a lot of time and effort. As explained above, you need to create a squeeze page, set up an auto-responder, write content, generate traffic, etc. Plus, unless you are an expert, internet marketer, this can be overwhelming. So, what’s the solution? Some good friends of mine discovered a commission “loophole” that actually makes it possible to earn incredible commissions without having to do any of the hard work required by traditional internet marketing.

Are you ready to start list building?

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  1. Junior says:

    I’ve used solo ads to build my list. It’s a great strategy for newbies.

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