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An Online Marketing Success post —

Community Board for Local Online MarketingIf you’ve been surfing the Internet lately, chances are that you’ve probably heard the buzz about local online marketing—where online marketers help local businesses get customers online. The thing you don’t hear is just how much work is involved in “dominating” the market, as they put it.

The bottom line is that deciding to follow that blueprint is a personal choice. For some people, the balance between the potential reward and the amount of time necessary makes sense…but there is an alternative!

Russell Brunson has designed a system, Local Marketing Myth, that really makes offering these services to local businesses much easier for online marketers. Work smart, not hard!

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This system makes local online marketing easy and allows you to give local businesses what they are looking for–local customers! This is a very rewarding business and one of the most sustainable business models, because small business owners really want what you have to offer.

This local online marketing program is a turnkey system. Primarily, all you will do is drive traffic to your membership site and get paid when customers make the purchase.

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