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Why is Local Marketing Online
Such a Hot Opportunity?

by JC Dawkins
Local Online Marketing on Community Board
These are tough times, and recovery will likely not happen quickly. Add to that, traditional methods of advertising and promoting businesses are not working as effectively any more, because customers are using the Internet to find local businesses.

According to a recent statistic, approximately 63% of our economy comes from small local business. Many of those local businesses are going about online marketing alone, and could really utilize what we offer.

This is an easier way for you to tap into the power of the Internet in a very unique way by offering services this wide open and lucrative niche is starving for.

Anyone can jump into this from scratch. You don’t need to know online marketing.

You can choose to offer these services yourself or offer training so your clients can do the marketing themselves. Your decision will depend on how much time and effort you are willing to put into this business. It will also depend on the customer you are targeting. Some customers will be willing to pay to have someone do the work of maintaining their social media accounts and getting traffic to their website, for example. While others may not willing to pay you enough to make it worth your time.

Our system appeals to most prospects. Click here to learn more: Local Marketing Online
Action Step:

1. Decide if you prefer to…

–Offer online marketing and social media marketing services to your clients.
–Offer training so they can do it themselves.
JC Dawkins
I am the author of JCDawkins.com and the creator of the Strategic Online Marketing Mastermind on Facebook.

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