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Discover the Best and Most Profitable Niches
For Local Online Marketing Success!

by JC Dawkins
Community Board for Local Online Marketing
In the previous lesson, we discussed how small, local business entrepreneurs are looking for what we have to offer. We can either offer the online marketing services ourselves or give them access to video training so they can do the marketing themselves.

In this lesson, we will identify the market(s) that are best to target.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to generate a leads list using Google Local. This is the equivalent of an online yellow pages.

–In the search box, type in the industry and town you want to target.

–This will generate a leads list. You’ll want to look at the businesses several pages in. They are the best leads to show how they can get to the first page.

The 4 Types of Local Businesses For Niche Discovery

Use the following summary to determine which local businesses are the best niches. To make it easier, think of the market as consisting of 4 types of local businesses. For the purposes of qualifying your local business targets, consider categorizing businesses using by customer value and search volume.

A. If the business has low customer value and low search volume – Try to avoid these businesses (example – barbers).

B. If the business has low customer value and high search volume – These are not the best choice, but they are better than category A (example – restaurants).

C. If business has high customer value and low search volume – These are good (example – lawyers).

D. If business has high customer value and high search volume – These are the best (example – professional services, personal services)
Action Steps:

1. Generate a leads list using Google Local (www.google.com/places)

2. Which businesses will you target?

3. Check out “Local Lead Plan” for a complete guide on generating local leads for your local online marketing business.

–Make the list.

–Where are they located?

–How will you contact them?

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