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3 Easy Steps for Getting Clients
For Local Online Marketing!

by JC Dawkins

Community Board for Local Online MarketingSo far we discussed why offering online marketing services to local businesses is such a hot opportunity, and how to target profitable niches.

In this lesson, we’ll cover how to get your first clients because it is very important that you get your first client. Once you do this, your confidence will increase and it will get easier.

Here are 3 Easy Steps to Get Your First Clients:

1. Look at who is already spending money on advertising. Check the yellow pages and look at other offline, paid advertising services.

2. Go where your potential clients are already hanging out…chamber meetings, etc. Network for success at business networking groups, the chamber of commerce, toastmasters, etc. Distribute your business cards at top networking spots. Be sure to have your website link on your cards. Also, use an elevator speech.

3. Find clients who are already online, but not on the first page of Google. You can do this using Google Local, as indicated in the previous lesson. Also, research pay-per-click advertisers on Google.

Here are additional ideas for getting prospects:

a. Look for companies that are expanding.
b. Ask for referrals from friends and other business people you know.
c. Form strategic relationships with attorneys, bankers, accountants. They are an excellent source of prospects, once they trust you.
d. Join associations and attend trade shows, conferences and seminars.
Action Steps:

1. List the business networking groups in your market and make plans to attend the meetings.

2. Decide which marketing methods you will use.

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