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The 3 Step Approach to Growing
Your Local Online Marketing Business!

by JC Dawkins

We’ve covered quite a bit so far, but once you decide to partner with me, you will get in depth training to help you succeed with this business model.

We’ve already discussed:

– how local businesses need what we offer,
– how you can target profitable niches, and
– how you can get your first clients.


The 3 Step Approach!

Now, I’d like to share with you a 3-step method for building your business. This method only applies to offering prospects the video training program.

1. Use direct marketing to reach prospects via:


2. With web address in your copy, send prospects to your squeeze page to view video explaining benefits of program.

3. Use this script to have clients chasing you. Be sure to emphasize your ability to increase their profits. Don’t sell.

“With the changes in our economy, people are moving away from using yellow pages and newspapers. I help small local businesses get customers from the Internet.”

Use this positioning statement:

“I work with local businesses by offering them online marketing so they come up on page one of the search engines when people are looking for what those businesses have to offer.”
“What do you do and who is your target customer?”
“Here’s my card. To see a sample of what we do, visit the website on the card.”
“This video will show exactly how you can make money using the Internet without paying for a marketing company. Usually a marketing company will charge you thousands. We’ll show you how to do it free.”
“I am currently only looking for clients in the _____________ industry. Tell me, what would happen if you doubled your business in 90 days?”

Action Steps:

1. Create a script you are comfortable saying and practice it.

2. Check out: An Easier Way to Building Local Online Marketing Business

3. Take action and start building your business.

“Inspiring Dreams, Empowering People, Transforming Lives”
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