Mobile Marketing Strategy, How You Can Capture the Growing Mobile Audience

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Mobile Marketing Strategy
Mobile marketing strategy means communicating your marketing message to consumers via mobile devices.

The mobile audience today is growing at an alarmingly high rate. In most cases, businesses fail to capture this demographic that is always on the move while staying connected to the digital world. As your website continues to grow, consider ways to continue targeting the masses that are more and more on the go. A mobile marketing strategy can not only provide substantial traffic to your website, but will allow you to connect with users viewing both your home on the web as well as social media.

Mobile marketing strategy offers unique benefits
because of the characteristics of mobile devices.

These Benefits include:

1. Immediate access – most people always have their cell phones with them and it is always on. This means your messages can be read immediately and acted on quickly.

2. Built-in payment – the SIM card in the cell phone is a built-in payment system.

3. Accurate measurement – the cell phone makes it easy to track the effectiveness of any mobile marketing strategy because every transaction can be tracked to a specific cell phone number. This includes calls, texts and Internet access. Plus, you can accurately measure the ROI of your campaigns.

If you’re already implementing a social media campaign, but do not have a mobile marketing strategy. The first step is to get a mobile-friendly website. When 60% of your traffic becomes mobile, and it will, regardless of how much of it is mobile now, you need to ensure that those viewers are completely satisfied with the user experience on their smart phone. High bounce rates can kill your business, and eventually, you’ll simply be wasting your time with your social media efforts. Mobile compatibility first, social media later. That’s the first key in any mobile marketing strategy.
Mobile Marketing Strategy - Cell Phone
Now that you’ve got your site ready for viewing on any piece of hardware, you are ready to begin your mobile marketing strategy. The first thing that you should look at is your paid campaigns. If you filter out mobile devices from pay per click efforts, consider creating new campaigns that look at your mobile site from mobile devices. While conversion rates are always low for non-mobile friendly sites in a mobile campaign, the opposite holds true for those that have a mobile compatible site. Your opportunity to engage users on the move has increased exponentially, and you may find that your conversion rates on a mobile site will be higher within a paid campaign compared to your regular site. You’ll get an idea fairly quickly of how well your mobile site appeals to users, and whether you should continue a mobile paid campaign or not.

Once you’ve got your paid campaigns locked down to a performance level that’s sufficient for you, you can get back to your social media campaign. Be sure to watch your analytics closely, as you’ll quickly discover what mobile users like and what they don’t. When it comes to your adjusted mobile marketing strategy, you have to be very analytical. Like your web site viewers, being finicky is your right, and could make and save you thousands of dollars on your bottom line every month. To be a successful mobile marketer, you can consistently adjust for mobile performance, and you’ll eventually find that happy medium with your other strategies.

Have you created a mobile marketing strategy?

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    I learned alot here. Thanks for sharing this info.

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    Thanks for the info. I don’t have a mobile marketing strategy. First, I need to put up a website. Can you help?

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