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Another Facebook Face Lift…

The New Facebook Pages!

Hey, my fan page (Strategic Mastermind) looks different! OMG!

Facebook updated the layout of Facebook pages to bring these pages more in line with the newly redesigned personal profiles, on Thursday, February 10, 2011.

Here are some of the new Facebook fan page changes (from a page administrator’s point of view):

1. Forget About Tabs – They’ve taken away our ability to show clear, tabbed options at the top of the page. This was replaced with a list showing the page sections in the left column, which is less prominent than having tabs. Now, admins will be forced to reconsider their Facebook fan page navigation. Administrators may want to follow these tips to maximize left-side navigation visibility:

* You may want to keep the profile image to under 200 pixels in height, so that your navigation doesn’t get pushed too far down.
* You might want to consider putting text into your profile image to highlight the “tabs” you want visitors to see.
* You can Change the order of your sections (tabs) in the navigation by using the “More—Edit” feature.

2. Access to Admin Functions with One Click – Instead of having to go through the “Edit page” link to access administrator functions, page admins can now access the Admin area by clicking “See all” in the right-hand column. Plus, Basic Information can be edited by clicking the “Edit info” link below the page name at the top of the page, and Admins can easily change their page’s category by clicking the “Edit info” link under the page name. The “Edit page” link is now located in the top right, below the “Home”, “Profile”, and “Account” links.

3. Display Photos in New Photostrip Section – The pages now feature the five most recently added images. When clicked, users are kept on your page as the images expand to full size. These images are reordered each time the Facebook pages load.

So, when anyone clicks on one of the thumbnails pictures, the full size image pops up in the Facebook Photo Viewer. Then you have room above and below the picture to add your message and to brand yourself. You can also add a clickable link (below the picture) to send people to your website or blog. You can use this space for free advertising on your own fanpage.

4. Change Your Identity from Page to Profile Easily – Now, page admins can comment on other fan page walls and liking other pages, as either their Facebook fan page identity or their profile identity. You can do this from the “Account” link at the top right and select which page you’d like to use as your identity. Also, there is a shortcut in the right column which allows you to “Use Facebook as [your Facebook page name]“. Then, you can easily switch back.

When you opt to be a page, The “Home” and “Profile” links at the top right of your page change to “Home” (where the news feed is displayed from your “liked” Facebook pages) and the “Profile” link (taking you to your fan page wall).

This feature allows you to comment on other pages as your brand to increase exposure and brand awareness. However, this feature allows other brands (maybe your competitors) to post on your Facebook pages, also. So, you’ll need to be diligent about checking for spam.

5. Show Featured Liked Pages – up to five liked pages are shown on the left of your page at a time. By selecting a page as “featured”, Admins can specify which of the liked pages should always rotate in that section. So, you can use this section to highlight pages you partner with or other Facebook pages that you administer.

6. Use Filters for Improved Page Management - Admins now have two ways of viewing wall posts. This feature is accessible via the left-column Navy — “Wall” or “Admin View”. The “Wall” view is the default. If it is selected, you can view posts either by “Everyone” or just by the page. The “Admin View” is a convenient way for you to manage wall content (ban a user or report spam).

7. Get Page Activity Email Notifications – Admins can elect to receive an email alert whenever a comment is made on one of their Facebook pages, sent to the email address they use for their account. This is found by going to Edit page—>Your settings.

In summary, I think the overall appearance of these new Facebook pages is cleaner, and that most of the changes are an improvement (aside from the loss of top tabs). Plus, admins can now more easily manage and enhance their Facebook pages.

Let me know with your comments what you think of this new Facebook fan page facelift.
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