One Note Tutorial, Using This App to Get Organized

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One Note Tutorial

This One Note tutorial post will show you how to organize your home and small business.

I recently joined a team on a special project, and it was important for us to be able to document our goals, meeting notes, and progress in a centralized location. We needed to be able to share, compile and collaborate our ideas and plans in real time. So, my husband suggested that I set the team up with Microsoft Office One Note 2010.

Have you heard of this tool, but weren’t sure how to use it? This post will help show you how to use One Note to:

1. Create new tabs and pages to organize your notes.
2. Import information from various sources.
3. Share your work with others.
4. Access your notes from anywhere using the web app from a web browser.

This tool accepts information in any format – text, images, video, and audio. Plus, you can write notes in handwritten or typed format, and it saves information automatically.

One Note Tutorial – The Basics

Here’s a very helpful One Note tutorial video that I found on YouTube. It will take you through One Note basics.

One Note Tutorial – How to Add a Note

One Note Tutorial – How to Share a Notebook

When you share a notebook, One Note highlights and tracks changes made by others. So, when you open the application, you will easily know what was added since the last time you accessed the notebook. Plus, One Note allows you to revert back to a previous version of the page, if necessary.

One Note Tutorial – How to Import Information

As a work-around to the steps in the above video, you can also copy and paste and insert screen prints into your notebook.

One Note Tutorial – Using the Web App

You can click this link to learn how to use the One Note web app: One Note Web App

When sharing a notebook this way, you and others can work at the same time in the same notebook. So, even if you don’t have Microsoft One Note 2010, you can access and edit the notebook over the web. You can even update your notebook on your smart phone.

So far, I only have one negative comment about the web app. I installed the mobile app onto my cell phone, and I think it is too limited. I can’t access notebooks created in my project group. Bummer! I’ll have to figure out a work-around.

One Note Tutorial – Time to Get Organized

Overall, I think that Office One Note is an underrated tool. In addition to being essential for collaborating with my team, it’s fun and easy to use.

Whether on your computer, on your browser, or on your mobile phone, One Note gives you a place to jot down your ideas. This tutorial has hopefully demonstrated how One Note can be used to organize thoughts, take notes, do research, and collaborate on projects.

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