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Secrets to Significant Blog Profit!

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Congratulations, if you’ve decided to start your own blog.

As a new blogger, there are things that you will want to consider if your want to blog for profit.

Should you get a hosted or self-hosted blog?

The hosted options are the free blogs that you can get at or There are pros and cons to using hosted blogs.

Cons of hosted blogs:

      1. Because these companies are hosting the blog, your blog is attached to their domain and the URL to your blog will have their domain in it (e.g. So, your domain URL will be long and not as professional as when you own your domain name.

      2. Both of these hosted blog platforms have been know to remove blogs. You are at their mercy. If you plan on making money with your blog, is more lenient than, when it comes to blog topics and advertising. So, all of your content can be lost. Additionally, is more lenient when it comes to allowing for monetization of your blog, like affiliate products and Adsense, and it is owned by Google. When it comes to ranking in the search engines, some experts say that the free WordPress blog would get better placement.

Pros of hosted blogs:

      1. These platforms are free.

      2. They are easy to use.

      3. These platforms are high PR domains, so there is a potential to rank highly in search engines.

With a self-hosted blog (on, for example), you will need to purchase a domain name and get hosting. A domain should cost less than $10 a year and hosting less than $10 a month.

There’s more for you to learn with a self-hosted blog, but training and easy installation are available from many hosting companies.

A self-hosted blog is more professional, and it give you more control over your content—topics and advertisements. This is the best option for people who want to have a successful business blog.

Blog Profit, Blogger vs. WordPress

Deciding which is best depends on what your goals are for blogging.

If you are interested in creating a business blog and monetizing it, a self-hosted WordPress blog is my recommendation. WordPress is the better choice for both functionality and SEO (getting free traffic from the search engines).

If you are interested in creating a blog solely for recreation, then Blogger be the better choice.

Avoid This Rookie Mistake!

Many beginning bloggers fail to put opt-in forms on their blog.

An opt-in form allows you to build your email list which is something that is vital for your success as a blogger. Your opt-in form will be tied in with your email auto-responder which will help you build up a loyal subscriber base who will trust you and look to you as an authority. This will lead to affiliate commissions.

Another Rookie Mistake to Avoid!

Don’t just pick any theme. Take a little time to search for a theme that is right for your niche.

Of course, you’ll want to put up an attractive blog theme, because, like anything else, you want to make a good first impression to visitors. I recommend the Socrates Theme. Check it out.

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