Overcoming Fear, An Essential Skill For Your Business Success

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“Success Begins From The Inside Out!”

Overcoming fear is a requirement for business success.

We all hear that little voice that makes us fearful when we try something new. Online business marketing is new to you, and because it changes constantly, it’s actually new to most of us in some way.

Are you afraid of making any mistakes in online marketing?

Are you waiting until you know everything perfectly before you take action?

Well, you’re not alone.

Overcoming fear is hard. I feel fearful whenever I place another solo ad, and I’ve placed many. I feel fear whenever I place another Facebook pay-per-click ad…but I do it anyway. It all turned out fine. Some ads work and some don’t.

This post will explore tips I learned from personal experience and from reading the “Wake Up Cloud Newsletter” today. Use the tips in this post to feel the fear, but do online marketing anyway.
Overcoming Fear

One method for overcoming fear is to have realistic expectations.

Here are a couple of unrealistic expectations some entrepreneurs have that will feed their fear and cause them to quit:

1. “Online marketing success will come quickly if I just find the right program.” – This statement, or a para-phrasing of it, may cause you to undermine how important your effort is to your success. Also, this statement makes it too tempting to keep searching for another program, when the issue may be all you. Another thing about this statement, thinking success will come quickly may set you up for disappointment.

2. “They said this would be easy.” – If anyone tells you that competing against maybe millions of websites for attention to get people to spend money with you during a tough economy is easy, they lied. Believing this statement also sets you up for disappointment.

Online marketing success requires effort, focus, consistency, and the use of proven techniques. The reward is the freedom of knowing how you can generate profits on demand, as you build true wealth.

Here are things to consider for overcoming fear:

1. Accept the fear – Most people try to push the fear away or resist it. Fighting it just causes friction. Has trying to get rid of fear or push it away worked for you so far? Try something new by accepting the fear, instead.

2. Understand the fear – Fear is energy and sensations moving within your body. Observe it and welcome it. Don’t let it stop you. Overcome fear.
Overcoming Fear
3. Learn from mistakes – Instead of feeling that a mistake will ruin you, think of the lesson behind it. What can you do differently next time? Oftentimes, online marketing is based on “trial and error”.

4. Stop making things up – We tend to create scenarios in our head about what will happen if we make a mistake.

5. Enjoy the journey – Building a business means facing and overcoming fear daily. You must be willing to “boldly go” where you haven’t gone and do what you’ve never done. Face the fears, learn the new technology, and overcome the obstacles.

6. Take action – The longer you hesitate, the harder it is to take action. Every day, you should keep taking steps toward your goal until you succeed. Just take the first step. Then take the next, and before you know it, you’ll be doing what you feared. You’ll learn, grow and make progress. Taking action is a key to success.

7. Stop making excuses – Everyone has fears, doubts and worries. Stop waiting until you have enough time, information or money. Just do it.

The above tips and considerations should let you know that you are definitely not alone in feeling fear. Overcoming fear and accomplishing your dreams will be well worth the effort if you truly want financial freedom.

Do you have other tips for overcoming fear?

Every Friday, this blog will feature a post by Freedom Freeda about mindset and motivational topics. Online home business marketing success is not only about learning the internet marketing skill set, it is also about maintaining the right mindset to achieve our goals.

Visit again soon for more tips on Overcoming Fear!

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2 Responses to “Overcoming Fear, An Essential Skill For Your Business Success”

  1. George says:

    I don’t like admitting that I’ve been scared of taking action, but it’s comforting to read that I’m normal. Thanks.

    • JC says:

      I’m glad you stopped by and commented. Lots of folks are fearful of that.

      I find that it is less scary to take action if I know that what I’m about to do worked for someone else and I trust what they are saying.

      You and I are normal to get scared sometimes. :-)

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